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Importance of Learning the Holy Quran

Holy Book

The Holy Quran or the Islamic Holy Book is the final testament to the Muhammad (SAW), peace be upon him and his favored religion – Islam. One can find the Holy Quran online or in traditional Muslim books. Muslims also refer to it as the Arabic translation of the Holy Quran.

the Book of God

The Holy Quran is generally related to as the Holy of God because all the Koran’s words are interlinked or mixed collectively , into one epic body  which is called Surat al-khandas. The Holy Quran comprises organic verses and hadith, which are delivered languagesand aphorisms by the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his companions and followers from his lifetime to the end of time. Each Chapter is composed of single verses and has been quoted in the Holy Quran throughout the centuries. The Chapter (referred as surat in Arabic) consists of varying length, some only a few lines long while others are long enough to run for pages. In addition to the verses, duhr, or pillars of authority, known as pillars are also indicated in the Holy Quran

Holy Allah’s words

All the words in the Holy Allah’s words and the meaning of them cannot be understood by man. No wonder that the Holy Quran has been the source of religious and cultural belief and practice for millions of years. Every Muslim believes that the Holy  is the ultimate work of God. Muslims regard all the holy books, including the Bible, Torah and the Koran, to be from the word of God. They also believe that the Holy Quran contains God’s word for mankind and all the believers should hear it and act upon it.

According to the Holy Quran, Allah established the message of the Quran through prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah commands him to Spread the word of God (Quran) across the earth and call his people to Islam. No other religion is permitted in Islam. It enjoins all Muslim to learn the Quran and follow the ways of prophet Muhammad (SAW). Reading and reciting the Quran is compulsory for every Muslim.

The Holy Quran has many, or commands, which guide people to perform their duties towards others. There are twenty-nine seats or verses in the Holy Quran. Each act is addressed to a specific group of people who are believers. For instance, verse twenty-eight warns Muslim women not to be partial to their husbands. Woman should respect her husband just as she respects her children.

According to the Holy Quran

According to the Holy Quran, Muslims are to be righteous before their eyes. They should never show greed or corruption. The way to earn money is to earn it legitimately. Muslims have the right to adopt all the religions offered by the Holy Quran and practice them with full sincerity. They should follow the rules and guidelines of each religion, and should never mix them with other religions.Muslims should have no doubts regarding the teachings of the Holy . They should ponder over the meaning of each word and their implementation in daily life. A person who follows these rules will surely achieve success in his endeavors. In the end, he will be a believer like the millions of followers of the Holy

Every Muslim should read the Holy Quran daily in order to attain knowledge about the religion. By so doing, one can always remain well-informed about the developments in the Holy teaching. The knowledge of the Holy  is necessary in order to understand the true meaning of the Holy. Reading the Holy Quran alone will not make you a Muslim but following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), you will be a Muslim.

the holy book of various choices

Muslims have various choices when it comes to the Holy . They can choose from Arabic versions or Arabic revisions of the Holy. One can also choose from an English translation or even a New Testament translation of the Holy  All these variants of the Holy have various authors and covers different aspects of life in Islam.Muslims should always adhere to the traditions and beliefs of their forefathers. . To illustrate, for the people of Israel when their ancestors left their home and migrated to the place of Mecca, their traditions and beliefs did not contradict what the Qurann said. In contrast with other sects of Islam, the Holyn does not purport to be infallible.

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