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Importance of Technology in Education

Technology in education has changed the process of teaching as well as learning. What are the benefits that technology provides to the realm of education? What are the emerging trends that can make the world of education even better? Find it out here!

Right from school management software to learning management systems, the education industry has become more technology-equipped than ever. With the advancements in technology, the world of learning is changing as well. Making learning more enticing than olden times, here is how technology is impacting the world of education.

Technology has changed the world of education in all the right ways. There was a time when there was no school management software and all the work had to be done with pen and paper. Now, it takes just a single click to manage the day-to-day tedious administrative tasks of the entire school. Just like the way school management mobile apps have made school administration and management easier than ever, educational technology has changed the scenario of learning.  Here’s how technology is impacting the world of learning and helping students become better learners.

“Technology has the power to provide learners with the voice that may not have had before.” – George Couros. Technology can revolutionize the process of learning by providing enhanced teaching methods to educators. While technology is already being used in the world of education in some way or the other, here is an account of the current scenario and why it is important in this realm. Read through to find out.

Current Scenario of Technology in Education

There’s no denying that the world of education has always been the furthest back domains in embracing technological advancements but the scenario is gradually changing. Modern children are addicted to gizmos and gadgets and respond better when technology is used in classrooms. Most of the schools today have digital boards and projectors to incorporate learning through videos and images. Some progressive schools have even started using school Learning Management Software equipped with present-day technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Talking about administration, school management software has become imperative for smoother functioning of institutes. With a school ERP, all the day-to-day tasks of administration can be done in no time. Be it sending an important notice or news to the parents or sharing progress reports of students, all this can be done with the help of a school management software.

Technology in Education: Emerging Trends

Technology is evolving every day, so is the world of education. Speaking of modern students, these learners yearn for digital stimulation and understand things better when technology comes into the picture. Below are the emerging trends boosting the use of technology in education:

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality in education is all set to empower the world of classroom teaching. The technology has already made it huge in the entertainment and gaming sector and is equally potent to transform the education domain. Augmented reality apps such as Snapchat, YouCam, and games such as Pokémon Go are immensely popular among the young generation as it enhances the real-world view by adding digital elements.

When it comes to education, augmented reality technology can make classes more interactive by letting teachers get actively involved in the process. Students, on the other hand, can learn better by augmenting plain 2D figures into 3D interactive models. And this all happens with a single scan. What makes augmented reality in education more interesting is the way it operates with minimal hardware requirements as a smartphone or tablet camera is enough to scan an image and convert it into an enhanced 3-Dimensional model.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is one of the most popular and powerful technologies in the present times. The technology is changing the world of education by automating the traditional methods of administration and teaching. Artificially intelligent school management software is already helping schools in their daily administrative tasks and can proffer the same benefits in delivering lectures.

AI in education can help teachers with personalized recommendations for every student just like the way online streaming app Netflix does. This will further help each student to learn at their own pace. Besides, AI in education can also provide intelligent methods that can make learning more effective, such as online conferences, video lectures, etc. Leveraging AI in education can yield tremendous benefits for learners as well as educators.

Virtual Reality:

A major hit among gamers, virtual reality in education is here to stay. Virtual reality is an immersive technology that indulges the user in a virtual environment and completely shits them off from the real-world view. Since there is no connection or interaction with the outside world, the user is free from all sorts of distractions.

Virtual reality in education can provide learners with a distraction-free learning environment which helps in boosting their concentration levels. This further helps in focused immersion and thus understanding typical concepts in a much better way. While students enjoy 3D content that supports 360-degree functionality, teachers can monitor what they’re viewing on their desktop screens.

3D Stereo for Schools:

The craze for 3D movies is an example of how impactful 3D technology is. And when it comes to 3D stereo for schools and colleges, the technology can make learning more exciting than ever. 3D stereo technology can increase student engagement and help students acquire knowledge in a much better way.

Many schools have already started using 3D stereo content making students learn difficult topics of various subjects such as science and mathematics. When the content they are watching appears more realistic, it becomes easier for them to understand it and remember for a longer period of time. Hence, 3D content also helps in boosting long memory retention among students.

Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology not only helps in improving learning outcomes for students but also helps them become critical thinkers. The following pointers elucidate how technology in education benefits students as well as teachers.

  • Effective Ways of Learning:

    Since a number of technologies are being used in the world of education; students are provided with effective ways of learning. Be it learning through videos or a completely virtual environment, there are a large number of options out there.

  • Instilling 21st Century Skills:

    It has become very important for modern students to acquire 21st-century skills as it helps them in their overall personality development. When technology is used in education, teachers can help learners become creative, productive, social, collaborative, and critical thinkers.

  • Better Pedagogies:

    Wilhelm Meya believes that while students can benefit from effective ways of learning, teachers are proffered with better methods of teaching. Teachers can make use of the latest technologies such as 3D stereo and augmented reality to make classes more interactive and build a stronger connection with teachers.

  • Technology Literacy:

    Be it for students or teachers, being technology literate has become important for every individual. You ask why? It’s because technology is ubiquitous and one cannot do without it in the present times. Hence, technology in education ensures that every student and teacher is familiar with emerging trends.

No industry in the modern world can thrive without the implication of technology and the education sector is no exception. This is the reason why the realm of education has been adopting newer technologies in present times more than ever. Besides, it can endow both students and teachers with outstanding benefits.

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