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Important Facts About DMK Enzyme Therapy

In recent times, DMK enzyme therapy has become rather popular. Founded by Danné Montague-King, a skincare company

In recent times, DMK enzyme therapy has become rather popular. Founded by Danné Montague-King, a skincare company, the therapy restores the skin to its best stage.

It is a type of facial that can be used to treat a range of skin conditions such as oily skin that is common during adolescence, aging skin, and skin with congestion and hyper-pigmentations issues. This is made possible by exercising the face muscles and strengthening the skin structure so that your cells can grow in a healthy environment. When you have healthy skin cells, it shows in your skin.

Facts About DMK Enzyme Therapy

Here are some of the important facts you should know about this therapy if you plan to get it:

It is not your average facial

DMK Therapy, also known as game of thrones facial, does not work like your typical facial nor does it get you typical results. After the treatment has been applied to the face, neck, and décolletage, it shall harden. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it feels pretty much like cement. The treatment goes on for 45 minutes. 

Be prepared for the plasmatic effect

Once your treatment comes off, be ready to look like a blood map. There is going to be a visible plasmatic effect. You would be able to see the blood running along the veins under your skin. But this shall go eventually. This is a sign that your skin has achieved perfect balance – homeostasis.

You won’t miraculously become ten years younger

This is important. You cannot take 10 years off of your life with a DMK facial in Dubai. This therapy restores your skin to its genetic potential. For example, the areas that are not exposed to environmental factors such as the upper arm leads to patches of skin that appear different from the other. With the help of DMK therapy, you can treat your skin making it look the same as the unexposed skin.

Anyone can get DMK Enzyme Therapy

As said earlier, DMK enzyme therapy allows a wide range of benefits to the skin that treats all the skin conditions be it acne, enlarged pores, dehydrated/dry skin, or pigmentation. All of these indicate an imbalance in the skin. Having said that, it is important to note that DMK does not work on the skin’s surface for treating symptoms effectively. It works at a deeper level to treat the cells and result in balanced skin.

It stimulates reverse osmosis

With the help of DMK, a reverse osmosis action is created. It happens to be a flushing action that forces the fluid through the membrane around the cells and pushes out the impurities. The transfer of messenger enzymes is used in this process.

These cells transmit information with each other and boost circulations while delivering fresh oxygenated blood to the skin. This makes the skin appear fresher and healthier. Also, the cells have a healthy environment to thrive in.

You shall need more than one treatment

Apart from getting plastic surgery in Dubai, there are other ways to treat your skin’s acne, pigmentation, and rosacea issues. It also smoothens and tightens the skins. You might need at least 3 treatments for the best results.

Knowing these facts before going for DMK helps in preparing for it and what to expect after getting the treatment. Equally important here is the selection of the clinic you will be getting this procedure from. For the best results,  visit and book an appointment now!

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