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Infant Optics DXR-8 Review

Infant Optics DXR-8 is a type of lightweight digital camera that has created to suit the needs of modern parents. Parents that are on the go and travel a lot need a camera that will hold up to their lifestyle, and for most parents, that is a camera that can withstand some pretty heavy use. The new XDR-8 camera from Infant Optics has many of the features you would expect from a professional-grade digital camera. It has a viewfinder that can be changed to show your infant’s every move, and the technology allows you to see them in three dimensions without having to wear goggles or glasses.

Durable service from it

The benefits of owning a digital camera like this are great when you’re away on business or attending an event where your child is a potential attention grabber. Being able to capture moments like this in an excellent package for later viewing will add to the fun of capturing memories and making memories for the future. Today, the cameras available for the consumer market not made for the travel light and average user. Cameras built for rugged use and more significant people. This camera was specifically designed to fit this specific lifestyle of a parent and should provide years of durable service.

Get the best results for the moment

The camera has features such as focus peaking so you can see exactly what your child is doing at all times and the ability to zoom in and out, and you can move the lens around to get the best results for the moment. Also, the camera offers a micro SD card slot for extra storage capacity so that if the camera doesn’t last long enough in the memory card can be expanded. It also has a twin-lens camera that gives it a great depth of field. It also has three different video recording modes, digital, analogue, and movie. There are features like a countdown timer, to-the-minute clock, stopwatch, zoom, a button lock, an anti-shock mode, parental controls, a flashlight, and lots more.

The Benefits of Using the Infant optics DXR-8

The XDR-8 Infant Opticsis a reliable refractive lens for your baby’s vision. It has widely used to improve the eyesight of young babies. The safety, comfort, and precision of this baby lens have made it the favourite product of many parents. The safety and convenience of using this product are important when caring for your newborn baby.

Squirming and pulling its mother’s arm

The Infant Optics XDR-8 is a compact. A Refractive lens developed to improve the vision of a newborn baby. The use of this product gives hope to parents who have to spend a lot of time in their baby’s room and whose concentration is diverted by the baby squirming and pulling its mother’s arm.

A popular choice among parents

The Infant Optics DXR-8 manually works well in the beginning stages of a newborn baby’s eyes. This way, you can spend more time with your baby. These properties, combined with a full range of designs of the baby lens, makes the DXR-8 a popular choice among parents.

Who needs to fit?

Any baby lenses used as a pure supplement to prescription lenses. Some used as eyeglasses and some as bifocals. Some infants require a bifocal lens and others who need to fit with a bifocal lens.

Better alternative

For a newborn baby’s eyes, a bifocal lens is often an alternative to the bifocal lens. That is because correcting the prescription in the eyes of a newborn baby is complicated, and a bifocal lens is a better alternative.

Correct specifications of the baby lens

Since the baby’s eyes are quite sensitive, using a bifocal lens is an important issue. If the glass is damaged or broken, your baby could lose its sight. Therefore, keep the baby’s eyes safe with the correct specifications of the baby lens.

Growth of the baby’s eyes

A baby’s eyes are very delicate. They are prone to several damages, and if a lens is broken, it might affect the growth of the baby’s eyes. The Infant Optics DXR-8 is safe and comfortable for the baby’s eyes.

Details of a baby’s vision

Even though the baby’s eyes can damage with any damage to the baby lens, the baby’s eyesight lessened as compared to the baby’s image without the baby lens. The essential details of a baby’s vision are visible with the baby’s eyes.

The shape of objects much easily

The baby can detect the size and shape of objects much more comfortable. Hence, the baby mustn’t expose to dangerous objects, which might strain the baby’s vision.

Healthy development of the baby’s eyes

Moreover, the lens gives a certain amount of relief to a newborn baby’s eyes. It also prevents the baby from squirming, pulling, and hitting its mother’s arms and maintaining a balance between mother and child, ensuring a happy and healthy development of the baby’s eyes.


It has scientifically proven that babies suffer from eye problems when their eyes exposed to too much sunlight. However, the eyes should not expose to too much light at a time. The Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitors designed to give the same level of protection that can expect from a bifocal lens. If you want to buy the best products for your own, make sure to check it on only beasts as affordable prices mentioned here already.

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