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Information That Your Divorce Lawyer Would Require

Now that you have decided to continue with your divorce processes, it is time for you to organize data about your marriage and other official documentation connected to it. It is necessary because your divorce lawyer will require this information to narrate your side of the story, as the court deems dry ink doesn’t lie. 

This information will include all linked documents from income certificates to joint financial accounts. Since your partner can make incorrect claims, completing and organizing documents can verify whether they are truthful or not. 

The best way to arrange all the information is to arrange the documents into distinct sections and look at how you can do that. 

  • Income-related reports

Reports related to income are viewed as the code to the process because the court demands to know your economic status to analyze child support, alimony, and other property-related partitions. Make sure you disclose papers linked to your side hustle as well, even if it’s through tips and commission. Disclosing such information can add value to your economic status. 

  • Joint financial accounts related reports

Like income reports, papers related to financial statements, both individual and mutual, come into play. Accounts used or opened to contribute to any investment or purchase throughout the union are treated as marital assets and must be evaluated for fair share after separation. 

  • Papers concerned to real estate

Real estate is considered one of the major assets, especially if it is bought while in the marriage. Estate owned independently or acquired before nuptials also play a major role if nuptial funds are employed to pay off the debts or repair the property. 

  • Papers related to life insurance

Documents related to life insurance are also assessed to be implied marital assets, and in some cases, it is even termed spousal support. Therefore, the cash equivalent should be split during the separation or when the court administers a substitute for child allowance. 

  • Marital debts records 

One must clearly disclose all the related debts, as the court will consider and divide them equally as a part of the divorce. However, you can discuss with your divorce lawyer before disclosing all the details to them. 

  • Annuity and other pension funds records

As a part of the capital settlement, retirement assets are also required to be disclosed for the court to consider. It is necessary because the retirement assets compose a piece of nuptial wealth, and its consequent profits or interest could be regarded as a spousal benefit. 

  • Statements related to mutually owned automobiles

Automobiles owned are also termed as marital assets, and therefore these are also taken into consideration by the court. Thus one must disclose true figures of the vehicles owned for the court to conclude their ownership. 

Bottom Line

Processing the above points, you must have got what certificates and related records or documents you would need to prepare for your divorce lawyer

Besides this, since divorce can be a traumatic experience, make sure you seek help from your near and dear ones to lessen the pressure buildup. 

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