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Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Instagram is good for marketing your business as it gives many options for creating and editing videos. But you can use a separate online video editor to make your videos flawless before launching them on Instagram.

Free online video editors are an excellent option to market your brand. Instagram allows you to post, invite people, engage them with your brand, and most importantly, provide a platform to present your brand in multiple formats. 

Here are a few tips to ace the marketing game for your business on Instagram.

1- Use a business account 

When you are opening an Instagram account or buying an existing Instagram account, prefer the business version. A business account is ideal for companies as it can track analytics, run advertisements, and connect to your other social media accounts such as Facebook. Make your brand look professional by using Instagram’s business account.

2- Effective bio 

Instagram allows up to 150 characters for describing your business in the bio. Add helpful information such as name, website address, contact details, essential products, and a tagline attractively to gain attention.

2- Posting videos 

Instagram is an excellent platform for uploading videos. You can use the filters available on Instagram or a free online video editor to make engaging videos. Online video editors allow you to edit and add music or texts conveniently. Through videos, you can quickly explain a lot of information in entertaining ways.

1- Plan your content 

Planning posts in advance will help you deliver content punctually at relevant times. Releasing content at the right time is essential. Otherwise, it would affect your brand marketing. Post videos weekly to keep up with changing times and build curiosity in your brand.

  • Appropriate use of hashtags 

Hashtags have to be an inseparable part of your content on Instagram. A minimum of seven hashtags and a maximum of 30 hashtags would allow your advertisements to perform better on the site. You can also use the feature to see how many interact with your posts. This can help you understand the algorithm better. Strategically use your hashtags in the comments to draw traffic in.

1- Show what you got 

Most Instagram businesses post content that is unfortunately not very engaging. This can be because you are yet to figure out the exciting parts of your business. Videos and reels are the best ways to explore this aspect. You can make collages, play with multiple images and video clips, or post plain photos. Experiment as much as you can.

Benefits of using Instagram for small businesses:

  • Improve brand name 

Videos make it possible for your brand to find more visibility on Instagram. Increase traffic to your website by introducing reels and short videos on Instagram. Replicating popular video trends on Instagram can help find matching algorithms and increase per-minute views. 

1- Time saver 

Due to the amount of competition on Instagram, time is always a factor for promoting a brand name. Rather than just uploading monotonous images, use Instagram to post quirky content faster than anybody else. Explore the many time-saving options of Instagram to generate curiosity in your brand with minimal effort. 

2- Boost your sales 

Instagram can reach out to a million people in a second. That is the power of social media. Adding followers to your account makes your business look legitimate and professional. Most social media users first check the number of followers before following a brand.

3- User interaction

Once you gain enough followers, ask them to promote your brand using your hashtags to share videos or images of your business. This increases the visibility of your business manifold, thereby increasing the popularity of your products. Ask your users to post video reviews of your brand on the account using your hashtags. Build a rapport with your customers for recommendations. 

Apart from videos, you can also market your brand by posting Stories on Instagram. A one-minute clip can be made by combining short 15-second clips and posting them on your IGTV stories. Use the stories to put out interactive content. Online video editors are the best to make purposeful videos. If you are looking for a new way to launch your business and brand, Instagram provides many ways to make your videos appealing. 

Videos should be a part of the engagement. Create short questions and make them as interactive as possible. Using emojis, sliders, quizzes that engage with the audience more than a video. Use short videos and build more content in bits so that your audience is always curious for more to come. 

Add a call to action (CTA) to your videos. By adding a CTA, you give easy access to interested clients. A CTA can help provide access to your websites and brand web pages conveniently.


Most Instagram marketing tips are about providing content through videos. Videos are essential to notice a brand’s features, its products, etc. With the efficient use of video editors, you can do this like a pro. Any business that uses Instagram can effectively market its business. Instagram is the need of the hour as the younger generations spend time there exploring new vendors and products. Instagram can help you display your brand effectively, market your products and launch new ones with the click of a button.

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