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Instagram Photos :How To Increase Instagram Engagement For Your Photos

Instagram is a valuable tool for sharing memories and favorite experiences with family, friends, and followers. If you’re always sharing Instagram photos but not obtaining the Instagram engagement you expect, use these simple techniques to increase your engagement. Though Instagram allows posting videos, from the first days since inception, Instagram photos are a constant content type that people are looking out for.

Tips To Increase Engagement For Your Instagram Photos

Use Hashtags In Instagram Photos

Use hashtags to organize photographs based on their category. Hashtags help you get noticed by other users and increase the likelihood of your images being liked. The more hashtags you use, the more likely your photographs will be viewed, likes, and shared. Each photo should contain a feasible number of hashtags. Incorporate the most widely used hashtags. #love, #myself, #cute, #friday, and #coffee are examples of popular hashtags. Bear in mind that choosing a famous hashtag might also increase the chances of your photo being lost.

Moreover, you may visit #likeforlike or #like4like to like a large number of images. While not everyone will reciprocate, at the very least, you will receive some likes. Suppose engagement is still a challenging thing for you. In that case, you could consider to buy automatic likes for Instagram, which further paves the way to massive amounts of profile visits and content engagement for your Instagram account.

Use Filters For Instagram Photos

Use filters to enhance your photos. This involves the use of apps to improve and filter your photographs. Early-bird, X-Proll, Aviary, and Valencia are all popular filters that impart a distinctive look to pictures. Leverage the apps available on your phone to enhance and personalize your photographs. Excellent applications include Snap-seed, Camera+, Pro HDR, and Pixlr-o-matic.

Play On Your Phone Camera settings

Just go ahead with the inbuilt features of your phone camera which includes filters, frames, pano, portrait mode, HDR mode, live mode and stability mode. Keep in mind not to stay with the default autofocus mode and making overexposed photos with flash. Rather than auto focus, learning to set focus manually can speed up things especially while taking multiple photos. It is quite simple to focus manually. Simply tap on the point of the image where you want to highlight and click the photo. Now you will get a focused and clean picture of your subject. Also avoid taking photos with full exposure because such a photo will lose all its details and highlights. Ensure that the photo is both dark and bright enough so that it appears more natural.  You need to adjust the brightness to get the proper exposure for your images. 

Avoid Flash In Instagram Photos

Keeping away from using flash can prevent ruining the overall quality of the photo. When you use flash, you will get an image that appears like it was captured with an outdated disposable camera. Excellent photos on Instagram use natural lighting and a little bits of photo editing.

Identifying Instagram Photos That Others Want To See

Post the appropriate photos. Frequently, individuals will post anything, including their lunch, cat, or food photos. If you want to increase your likes, consider Instagram as an art museum. Its goal is to showcase only the highest-quality images. On Instagram, high-quality images are more likely to garner the most likes. These are the most popular sorts of photos:

Never repeat the same snapshot three times in a row. Choose the most appropriate one to show. Share your most excellent personal photographs with your friends and family. Submit photographs of your pet. Only the finest pictures of your cat or dog will receive likes. Ascertain that your pet is performing an unusual act in the picture—Post only a few photographs of your meal. Post your photographs shortly after supper. People use the web in the evenings when they are sleepy.

Be Conscious of Your Community

Participate actively in your Instagram community for earning engagement as likes and comments. Take the time to leave a comment on your friend’s photo or to like other people’s images. Others will reciprocate if you do. If you never respond to your followers’ photographs, they will never respond to you. Begin like random people’s photographs to earn more engagement.

Add 11 Hashtags To Your Instagram Photos

The number of hashtags you use while posting an image also influences the amount of engagement the photo receives. Recent studies indicate that using  11 hashtags enables you to get more views, interaction and engagement. This is in complete contrast to the other social media platforms where using less number of hashtags will lead to massive engagement. The highlight is that the studies convey that people who had less than 1000 followers and used 11 hashtags while posting images received more engagement for those images in particular. These results clearly imply that users new to Instagram after gaining 1000 followers can use the 11 hashtag strategy to build more engagement for their content.

Getting more views on Instagram pictures also will rely on you using more hashtags. A study showed that if you use 11 hashtags on Instagram, you will get more views and social interaction. This is basically the opposite of other big social media websites and platforms, where less hashtags will give you more views and interaction. The best part about the study was that it showed that 11 hashtags were most effective with those who had less than 1,000 followers. This means that if you are new to Instagram, this is a quick and easy way to build followers and views.

Focus On Posting Times For Instagram Photos

Post photographs at the appropriate times. You could indeed post the most incredible photos in the globe, but they will go unnoticed in the dead of night. The majority of action on your image will occur within a few hours, so make the most of them. When should you upload your photos? Post throughout the day, when people are most probably bored during work and exploring the web. Avoid posting very mornings, particularly around five or six a.m., because the majority of people are too preoccupied with their routines to see your photographs. Avoid posting pictures on Friday and Saturday evenings. People might see them, but they may be uncomfortable acknowledging that they’re nothing to do on weekends other than scroll through Instagram photographs.

Use Natural Light For Your Instagram Photos

Choosing to use natural light is one of the best practices to follow to get more visibility for your Instagram pictures. Nothing can trigger the emotions, moods and feelings of people than a picture shot in a natural lighting. When people see one of your pictures clicked with natural light sources, they tend to take a look at other images in your feed as well. Capturing shots during different times of the day such as sunrise and sunset are brilliant strategies that result in surplus engagement for your Instagram photos. In fact, people love to see pictures that have different shades of light and might even reflect their exact mood and mindset.

Work on angles While Posting Instagram Photos

You can create an impact on the way people see your posts by exploring with different angles while taking photos. Imagine your subject with camera angles from top, bottom or in the middle of the frame and so on. You may even flip your phone to create a foreground component.


Julia Frank is a Social Media Strategist and a Content Writer at Instalikes who has great passion to write on latest trends and technology. When she is not busy with work, she reads lot of books and travels long distances.

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