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Instagram Stories: 7 Tips For Improving Viewer Retention

The Instagram stories have been all the hype ever since they were introduced. They are equally famous amongst Instagram users, social media marketers, and business owners. People are exploring Instagram stories and looking for ways to retain their Instagram Likes. Instagram stories as well as Instagram story viewer are playing a role in this regard.

If you want to engage with your followers regularly and make a strong connection then make use of Instagram stories. They will help increase the traffic to your page and also help increase the number of Instagram followers and likes on your posts. Not all Instagram stories are going to behave in the same way.

Here we have mentioned some tips that will help you in this regard. Continue reading this blog if you want to retain your Instagram followers and maintain viewer retention.

Tip 1: Mix it Up

Uploading the same type of stories day in and day out is probably the worst practice. The viewers don’t like to view the same content every time they see your posts or story. You simply can’t ask or force someone to open and watch your Instagram story viewer.

In reality, it is the very opposite of it. You need people to come back of their own free will. For this purpose, you need to give them a reason that forces them to come back to your Instagram page and watch your stories.

You need to start with a brainstorming process. If you have a story that you want to upload then it can be uploaded in several ways. Think of all how you can upload the story and interact with your followers. Then choose the best possible way of uploading the story and make sure to keep things interesting if you want people to come back.

Tip 2: Alternate Between Videos and Photos

When it comes to Instagram stories you can share a lot of crazy and interesting stuff. It is possible that you would have too much of a good thing to upload to the story of your Instagram account. However, we need to mix up everything to make it much more interesting.

So, in your effort to mix things up, you should try mixing up videos and photos. It would vary the length of the content that you would be sharing with your followers. Moreover, it would become even more interesting for your followers to see a constant mix of pictures and videos on your Instagram account.

This will make your Instagram much more interesting. Moreover, your Buy Instagram Followers would always be looking forward to what you are going to share. The followers might be interested in photos or videos; however, they would need to go through both of them at the end.

Tip 3: Add Text to Video Clips

The Instagram story feature is filled with a lot of cool features. By far the most popular feature in the story section has been the filters. However, apart from the filter section, the Instagram story section also comes with cool editing tools. The tools that have been provided by Instagram in the story section work just like a pen.

You can use the tools to edit up the photos and videos that you are sharing via the Instagram story section. You can add funny text to your video if you feel like it. It would serve two benefits to you. First of all, it would make your stories 100% more interesting for the viewers to watch.

Second, it would help you in retaining the viewers by improving the overall points that you would have scored with the story. Moreover, the biggest feature that the edit option serves is of adding a call to action to the video.

You can edit the video in the Instagram story section to tell people what to do. In short, you can tell them what your expectations are from them. The call to action feature is a really valuable feature on Instagram. No matter in what form it is available; we need to make sure that we make use of it to our maximum abilities.

Tip 4: Try a Theme

Now people associate certain themes with certain brands. Instagram likes is no different to such people. People recognize different brands just based on the theme that they are using in their posts. So, we suggest you follow suit and start using themes in your Instagram stories.

It is especially true when it comes to the videos that you upload to Instagram stories. The themes inform the people about the video. Moreover, they also help develop a clear start, middle, and end of the story.

There are certain circumstances in which it becomes a must to make use of the themes. It is especially true when you are running a giveaway or a promotion on your Instagram story. In such circumstances, it is a must for you to add a theme to your story to make it much clearer for the audience to understand.

Tip 5: Avoid Repetition

Most people just simply share their posts to their Instagram likes stories. They just upload the same picture that they have uploaded to their timeline to their story. We believe that it is a very wrong approach to take. You can regard it as an Instagram faux pas.

This helps the account holders save a few minutes as they don’t have to put in the extra effort to prepare a story for their account. However, when it comes to playing a role, such stories play no role at all. If you upload the same picture or content at every place then the Instagram likes and followers wouldn’t even bother to open the story.

You need to encourage your followers to open your Instagram likes story as well as visit your profile. So, what you can do is add the basic thought behind the post in the story. Or you can add the product description in the story.

What we mean by this is that you can walk the people through the whole process. You can tell them about the steps that you have taken to prepare the product that you are sharing with them.

Tip 6: Show Exclusive Content

Followers love to see their favorite brands and celebrities. Moreover, what they love more is the sneak peeks that other people share about their favorite brands and celebrities. By doing something like this you get several benefits that would otherwise be impossible.

First of all, this shows to your followers that you are only interested in sharing valuable content with them.  Moreover, it proves that you keep yourself up to date with the changing world scenario and the demands of the market. Secondly, it helps by adding a fun twist to the stories that you are sharing with your followers.

It proves that there is a real person behind the Instagram account. It proves that the followers are talking to a real person and not with a brand. It proves that the person behind the account is not fixated on the business and is open to other fun activities as well.

Tip 7: Alternate Angles

The last tip that we are going to share with you is to look for other angles. Most of the times when we watch someone’s stories, it is a disappointment. This is the line that we have heard a lot. It is because people always upload videos and pictures that have been taken from the same angle.

There is nothing new in the photos that are there to capture the interest of the followers. You need to make your photos and videos much more interesting for your followers to watch. Only then you can expect them to keep coming back to watch your photos and videos.

There are several ways of doing and implementing these strategies. First of all, you can change the angle of the mobile or camera with which you are taking the pictures or the videos. Secondly, you can give a whole new perspective to the subject in the video.

There are several accounts that you can follow on Instagram to take inspiration from. Most of these accounts have been our clients. We gave them all the tools and the training that are required to keep the viewers. Moreover, the tricks helped them retain the viewers on their Instagram stories.

You need to put in the extra effort if you want people to keep coming back to your stories. Without significant effort, you cannot expect people to be impressed by the stories that you share with them. One such way of doing this is by joining a professional training institute like ours. We can give you all the specialized training that can make you an expert on Instagram.

We offer several programs in this regard and you can join anyone you see fit. There is a certain cost associated with each of the program that we offer. However, we offer discounted rates as well.

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