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intelyForms vs. Typeform comparison: which is best?

Are you confused about creating and customizing the form with a mobile-friendly feature? Read our blog with the intelyForms vs. Typeform. 

The user can use pre-made templates or start from scratch to create the perfect design. Naturally, there are lots of differences and similarities in both of them. 

Let’s cover the comparison between intelyForms and TypeForm.

What is an intelyForms?

intelyForms is an excellent choice for any company that wishes to communicate with its customers. It’s simple to use and understand, making it a good fit for any sector. In addition, a no-code form makes the customer’s experience easier and better.

intelyForms provides solutions for managing private data across technologies, systems, products, and the entire company. It can use it for appointment scheduling, data collection, payment integration, and other tasks.

Features of intelyForms:

  • Ready-to-use layouts:

intelyForms are entirely customizable and come with several different layout possibilities. In addition, you may modify font styles and colors, upload images, create your logo, and more with intelyForms no-code builder.

  • Drag-and-drop builder:

Anyone can design beautiful forms in seconds using intelyForms straightforward online form builder. With our form templates, you can get started right away and edit your form with the drag-and-drop feature. 

  • Custom URLs:

Make your form easy to remember and distribute. For example, you may generate custom URLs that incorporate your organization and form name with only a few clicks. 

Key benefits of using intelyForms:

  • Secure data collection and storage:

When you enter data into an IntelyForms form, it is always secured. It includes data collected during the form submission process and saved data in our database. Even more, protection is provided by two-factor authentication and sub-user rights.

  • Take advantage of integrations:

Built-in integrations are available in Google Drive, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Microsoft One Drive, to name a few.

  • Our Workflow tool lets you create custom data processing scenarios:

Data can be sent to other intelyForms forms, co-workers, apps, and services, for example. In addition, workflow simplifies launching follow-up forms, approvals, and other processes.

What is a Typeform?

Typeform is a flexible data collecting tool that makes asking and answering questions enjoyable and straightforward, whether through forms, quizzes, or surveys. Unfortunately, online forms and surveys have a terrible reputation for being bland and forgettable. 

People have a right to a better experience. It’s a data-gathering tool that makes asking and answering questions enjoyable and straightforward, resulting in more and better data. 

Make surveys, quizzes, forms, or something entirely different. Make changes to the design to make it speak your brand’s voice. It also works on any device for your audience.

Features of Typeform:

  • No coding form creator:

Typeform is the way to go if you want to design customized forms without knowing how to code. For example, Typeform provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to add a question. You can customize the form once you’ve finished adding your question.

  • Logic branching:

Typeform’s survey logic branching capabilities go much beyond the basics. This survey platform can handle logic jumps, allowing your respondents to skip a question that is irrelevant to them. Typeform also handles Multi-branching logic jumps.

  • Table and inbox views for responses:

We all have different tastes when seeing form data, and Typeform considers it.

An inbox view is available in the app, which allows you to filter responses depending on a specific inquiry and the response’s submission time.

Key benefits of using Typeform:

  • Collect more, better data:

Interactive, intelligent, conversational data collection makes it easy for individuals to go from start to finish.

  • Stay on-brand: 

Why would anyone stop presenting the brand narrative because they have a few questions? Ask Typeform a question and stay on-brand at all times.

  • Versatile: 

Whether you’re looking to improve your startup’s customer experience or educate colleagues or students for HR purposes, Typeform makes it easy.

Comparison of intelyForms vs. Typeform:

Let’s find out how intelyForms and Typeform are different from each other.

1. Customizable templates:

Form templates are helpful for quickly creating ready-to-use forms with little effort.


intelyForms provides you with user-friendly and already created templates. Users can choose a design for a form from a template or scratch card. 

Users can customize an intelyForms template according to their needs. It includes changing backgrounds, fonts, colors, and buttons.

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IntelyForms have many types of inbuilt forms in it with advanced features of form designing.


Typeform provides an extensive template library from which to choose. Forms for doing research, surveys, and quizzes emphasize the templates.

You can also create custom forms from scratch if the templates don’t suit your needs.

2. Collaborative functionality:

To do their best work, teams require collaboration elements. As a result, a form-building tool allows team members to collaborate.


In intelyForms collaborative functionality, you can add your team members to your workspace and let them edit your forms, but you can only do that with intelyForms paid plans. 


Typeform doesn’t offer any unique or advanced collaboration features. For example, you can’t communicate with your coworkers or assign them tasks.

You’d have to combine Typeform with a project management platform to accomplish these simple functions.

3. Integration:

In the end, intelyForms and Typeform are merely form-building tools. To be valid, you’d have to integrate them with other management and productivity solutions.


It integrates with many applications that help users manage projects and form data within a few minutes. 

The intelyForms integrates with Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Hubspot. 


Typeform works with a wide range of popular apps for reporting, lead generating, project management, and more.

Coda, Webflow, Airtable, Zoho Forms, Microsoft Forms, and others are available integrations.

4. Platform compatibility:

You’re not relying just on your form builder. To fill out your forms, your respondents must use the same tool. As a result, you should be aware of the platforms on which your online survey tool is available.


Users can also access intelyForms on Windows and Mac computers with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and browsers. In addition, users can use the intelyForms application all over the online platform to design and fill out a form.


Typeform is available on both Windows and Mac systems. Unfortunately, Typeform isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There isn’t a mobile app for it. Things are just going to get worse. Their mobile form creation features are still in the works.

5. Pricing:

Let’s compare the pricing of intelyForms and Typeform based on the quality and quantity of their application capabilities.


intelyForms offers a Free Forever option, but the free plan, like other memberships, has limitations. Individual, team and corporate programs are available monthly and yearly.

intelyForms has four pricing options:

  • Free Forever:

  • 1 Form Template
  • 50 Submissions
  • Automated Email & Submission 
  • Individual:

  • $19/mo
  • Everything in Free +
  • 25 Form Templates
  • 1,000 Submissions
  • Custom Branding & Embedding
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Lifetime Access $324 
  • Team:

  • $69/mo
  • Everything in Individual +
  • Unlimited Form Templates
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • One Team Workspace
  • Premium Integration
  • Form Payments 
  • Enterprise:

  • $119/mo
  • Everything in Team +
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Unlimited Team Workspaces
  • Enterprise SSO


Typeform has three pricing options:

  • Essential Plan ($29/month):

  • One user
  • Unlimited forms
  • 100 responses/month 
  • Plus Plan ($59/month):

  • Three users
  • Everything in the Basic plan 
  • 1000 responses/month 
  • Business Plan ($99/month):

  • Five users
  • Everything in the Plus plan
  • 10,000 responses/month

Even essential services like multiple users and deleting Typeform branding demand a monthly payment of at least $59!


You can compare both of them and then decide which one is more compatible with your organization. intelyForms serves you the best service and all features to create a form. IntelyForms is a no-code, best online form builder that can be embedded and integrated directly into your workflows.

Connect with us today and create your form without coding. Click here to know more about intelyForms and schedule a demo with our team. 


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