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The COVID-19 Pandemic brought with it a need to reimagine the way we live and interior trends for luxury housing that will govern residing styles. So much so that almost every aspect of our lives has changed in some regard or the other. The time we spent outside became a luxury. The insides of our house, the only place one could trust to not be detrimental to our health. Because of this, interior trends became more than just homely spaces. They were now required to entertain the complete needs of all the members of a family. 


Interior spaces are meant to represent the taste, preferences, and living style of families. They are now also flexible, comfortable, and workable spaces that let the inhabitants maintain their work/life balance. DLF Camellias Gurgaon is an enterprise that is a leading standard of modern luxury housing, inspired by which others are formulating their design language. 

This required certain adaptations to the layout and replacing old living habits with new ones to ensure safety against the pandemic COVID-19. 

Following are some of the interior trends for luxury housings that are key to enhancing living spaces to match new needs:


Working from home:

When one tries to reinvent working spaces, there is a certain dedicated spot within the house that one can use for work. This is a bigger shift for those living in smaller houses or those with little demarcation between one room and another. It has been statistically proven to be beneficial for working professionals to have a fixed space for work. It also corrects the mental framework to one tune towards efficiency. Adopting this lifestyle also reduces the amount of distraction caused by the television, household chores, and people.


In touch with nature:

Being boxed in your own house can lead to missing out on the detoxifying effects that nature has inherent to it. Houses located in societies or residential apartments are inherently cut off from that stroll in the park and while it may not have major immediate effects, it drastically impairs mental wellbeing in the long term. Most real estate developers are advertising nature as a commodity like water or electricity so that no matter how bad the pandemic or the future gets, one rests assured that their green patch will remain exactly where it is. Therefore, the DLF Camellias Gurgaon that houses its entire golf courses and sprawling greenery stand out enough to justify its price point. 


Colour Schemes:

2021 as a year stands dominated by Greys as they represent a simplistic styling culture with hints of modernity. This works best for the dynamic lifestyle that we inhabit and adds character to it. Another color scheme can be the darker blues as they create a more welcoming and intimate environment. The DLF Camellias Interior boasts of creating harmony between work and play. One could spend days admiring the tonality of their walls and permit being sustained through it. No thought is left out and every detail personified into a believable reality. 


Simple Lines:

Gone are the days when spiraled-out designs and wacky patterns covered the walls. The need in 2021 is for simple layouts that consist primarily of lines that either bifurcate or combine textures. These textures lay inherent to walls and rooms during the process of building them up. Straight lines consist of a form following function by applying geometric shapes to it. The function is of key importance to this interior layout and is sustained through furniture designed for multiple functions. Even colors are kept to mono or dual-tone to compliment the features of organized living space. 


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Since we live inside the house at all times, it doesn’t help if it’s a box, to begin with. Glass creates a sense of space by allowing natural light to percolate into the rooms. Using this even a compact space can appear larger and more accommodative of furniture. This also helps with design elements as well as a large number of people. DLF Camellias Interior creates a perfect amalgamation of space that optimizes light depending on the hour of the day. Light helps lighten the chaotic mind and provide a certain natural aura to daily life.

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