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Internet Running at a Snail’s Pace? Follow these Tips to Speed it Up!

Let’s face it – no one, absolutely no one in this day and age can make do with a slow internet connection. You can be a student, business owner, gamer, freelancer, YouTuber, online shopper or anyone else, slow internet frustrates everyone!  Broadband services are by default meant to give high-speed internet, but connectivity issues caused due to leechers, mismatched hardware, wrong broadband medium, outdated software, and so on can cause it to run at a snail’s pace. 

Thanks to advanced technology, you can optimise your internet connection speed. All you need to do is apply one or more fixes and you will be rewarded with a lag-free and super-fast network. 

Here are Some D-I-Y Tips to Speed Up your Internet Connection-

Tips to Enhance Your Internet Speed

1. See Who All are Using your Internet: Most of the time it is neither a bug, software or hardware issue, just that someone is happily sucking the life of your internet without permission. This is quite common, especially when you make the mistake of leaving your internet door open by not having a strong username and password. After all, if your house name is your username and mobile number your password, then everyone who lives in your building who is aware of your address and phone number can if they want to leech from your connection. And if someone decides to run a torrent when you are working, then that 50 KB file you are trying to upload since 15 minutes will probably take longer. 

The Fix: Your internet modem’s home page can reveal who all are actively using your internet. What you need to do is to constantly keep a check on this. When you find an unrecognised IP Address, remove and block it immediately. And to avoid future leechers from taking advantage of your easy to breach connection, do yourself a favour and put in a strong username and password that has multiple characters and is untraceable. 

2. Switch to a Fiber Optic Broadband Network: Broadband services run on four mediums – Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Satellite, Cable, and Fibre Optic Technology. When it comes to internet speed, DSL is the slowest and fibre optic is the fastest. If you are deriving the internet from a medium any other than fibre optic cable, then it is likely to be slower. The reason being a fiber optic connection, unlike other broadband mediums, transmits your data thorough fine strands of glass in the form of light and not electric currents. This enables the connection type to provide a higher bandwidth (volume of data shared in one go), which results in high speeds. That is why you will find internet service providers making use of fiber optic technology offering internet speeds as high as 1 Gbps. Not to mention that the speeds are symmetrical, which is amazing news for those who are equally dependent on uploads as downloads. The network is lag-free and interference-free, which ensures that you get the speeds you sign up for 24/7. 

The Fix: It is time to upgrade to a fibre optic connection. Just search online for ‘Fibernet providers’ and visit the internet service providers page to see whether they are available in your area or not. Whether you are a gamer or streamer, this lag-free, high-speed connection will help you say goodbye to your slow internet woes.

2. Do a Hardware Check: If even after you have connected to a fiber optic broadband services provider and are still struggling with internet speeds, then it may just be a hardware issue. The Wi-Fi router or modem, ethernet cable, internal wiring, sockets, and more may be the cause of the problem. 

The Fix: There are multiple things you can do here to ensure that it is not your hardware that is the source of the problem. Make sure to place your router somewhere away from doors and windows, ideally in the centre near the ceiling. If you are not receiving internet in one room, then you can consider investing in Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters. This device will enable you to amplify the signals to reach wherever the speeds are dismal. If you use an ethernet cable, then maybe it is time to replace it with a new one. 

3. Stay up-to-date with the Latest Software Patches: In the age of digitisation, the downside has been the rising threats of hackers and malware. To ensure device security, software companies constantly offer updates and patches. Not only do these patches ensure that you do not face slow speed issues, due to outdated software, but also increase the security of your internet connection.

The Fix: Keep a check on the latest anti-malware and software updates for your router. When you get an update alert, immediately update your systems.  

Are You Ready to Speed Up Your Internet Connection?

There is no need for you to suffer due to slow internet broadband services. Simple fixes, like those mentioned above, can ramp up your internet speed to the optimal level. 

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