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Is a Janome Memory Craft 12000 Worth Buying?

Computerized sewing machines are at the height of sewing advancements. Each model comes with software integration that allows for more features to accompany each model than a mechanical machine ever could. However, even at this level, the Janome Memory Craft 12000 stands out as one of the most advanced among computerized sewing machines. It comes with multitudes of features that even other computerized types don’t have. However, it comes at a considerable cost. Here, we’ll be looking at whether the Janome Memory Craft 12000 is worth the purchase.

Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 17 inches
Weight: 71.6 pounds
Brand: Janome

General Features
Advanced PC Connection
Linear motion embroidery system (cloth guide)
Stitch composer
425 built-in stitches
In-progress speed adjustment
Free arm
Drop feed
Automatic pedal
1000 stitches per minute

Key Features

Drop Feed
One of the worst experiences that someone can have while sewing is running out of thread in the middle of a project. Running out of thread while sewing is an awful realization as you’ll likely have to start over from scratch if you wish to maintain a cohesive design. This often occurs when the thread feed is not always visible and one loses track of how much thread is available. Thus, with the drop feed, this becomes less of a worry as you can visibly see how much thread you have while you work. The drop feed makes the replacement of thread much simpler.

Furthermore, among the simpler features that this model possesses, the Janome Memory Craft comes with a speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute. This is a necessary quality in most high-end sewing machines as it allows one to work with almost any fabric or tough materials. Opposingly, other machines that have lower speeds tend to have difficulties with certain materials like denim. With this model, one can work with fabrics as tough as denim and even rubber, leading to several possibilities with project choices.

Overmore, the free-arm feature is almost necessary when working with clothes or advanced projects. The free-arm capability is determined by space underneath the workspace which allows one to loop fabric around it. This is important because with it, working on cylindrical pieces such as cuffs, sleeves, and pants become much easier. Most machines typically come with this but for those that don’t, working on cuffs becomes unnecessarily difficult. With the high stitch speed and free-arm capability, working on clothes is much simpler on this model than any other.

425 Built-in Stitches
Most mechanical models usually have built-in stitches that number around 20 to 40. Computerized models have surpassed this limit with software integration, allowing for 100 to 150 stitches to accompany the machine. This advancement is why computerized models are so valued by enthusiasts. This particular model takes it to the next level by having 425 built-in stitches, incorporating almost all utility stitches and even more decorative stitches. It takes a bit of work to navigate to the right stitch for a project but you will never run out of options.

Stitch Composer
This feature is what makes the Janome Memory Craft 12000 exceptional among the other computerized models. Even so, if the 425 built-in stitches weren’t enough, this model allows for the custom creation of stitches on your computer. With this software, you can easily make custom designs for any project you may have in the future. You won’t be bound by fixed stitches and your creation can truly be your own unique design. With this feature, the possibilities for projects are limitless.

Advanced PC Connection
To make the stitch composer work, this model comes with a PC connection. With this, you can connect your computer to your sewing machine and upload your unique designs for later use. This allows you to add your designs to the already numerous built-in stitches for this model.

Is it Worth the Price?
For the experienced sewing enthusiast, this is the perfect model. It comes with every advancement a computerized model might feature. The only downside is the price. This machine costs thousands of dollars and will probably be among the most expensive sewing machines that an enthusiast will buy. With this, there is a lot to consider. Practically speaking, it wouldn’t be ideal for someone who wishes to make simple home repairs or to work on school projects. Ideally, this would be a better choice for those who wish to start a business surrounding sewn products. Based on this, getting the Janome Memory Craft 12000 becomes more of an investment than a simple purchase. It would be difficult to argue that this machine would be outperformed by the common sewing machine, making this ideal for larger quantities of projects. 

Overall, this machine is far more expensive than a typical enthusiast may consider. However, with all these advanced features, it becomes the best purchase for any growing business seeking better stitch quality and performance. The possibilities for this machine cannot be overlooked and serious deliberations must be taken when purchasing this machine.

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