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Is Blow Drying Bad for Your Hair?

Is Blow Drying Bad for Your Hair?

The hair and scalp care market is set to reach a value of $121 billion by 2027. This isn’t really too much of a shock, as haircare and styling have been, and still are, hugely popular.

There’s one question that’s circulating in the community, though. That is, is blow drying bad for your hair?

The answer is yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. If you’re interested in learning why blow drying hair can cause damage, and how to dry hair naturally, consider reading ahead!

Is Blow Drying Bad for Your Hair

Yes, blow drying hair can cause damage. While using a blow dryer is convenient, as it speeds up the time it takes to get nice and dry, it comes with a few negative effects over time.

Blow drying hair causes damage in a few ways. The most common involves accidentally overheating certain patches of hair. This happens when the stream of hot air isn’t distributed evenly across the scalp.

Basically, people accidentally apply too much heat to certain areas. The damage occurs when hot air is applied to already dry hair. There are certain creams and lotions that can reduce potential for damage, but it’s generally a better idea to find an alternative drying technique.

Blow Drying Hair Damage

Damage from blow drying hair is primarily breakage. This happens when the surface of each hair follicle, which is covered in lipids and certain proteins, is destroyed. It can get worse, though.

In some cases, you’ll see frizz. This is also a sign that the cuticles are getting affected by too much heat. If this continues for long periods of time, some can experience permanent changes to hair growth.

No need to fret, though, as you can learn how to dry hair without blow dryer or similar equipment!

How to Dry Hair Naturally

While a flat iron or curling wand might sound like smart alternatives, they still apply quite a bit of heat. So, you’ll want to dry your hair naturally instead.

There are a few ways to do this! The first is a classic. It’s the age old technique of sitting and waiting. It’s not too highly recommended, though.

The best option is to use microfiber hair towels, like the Turbie Twist hair wrap bundle. It can take a bit longer than using a blow dryer, but it’ll keep your hair follicles healthy and happy.

They’re simple to use, too. You just wrap it over the back of your head, twist the end at the top of your head, and loop it through the elastic band in the back. Then, all that’s left is a short wait!

Dry Your Hair Safely

So, is blow drying bad for your hair? Yes, but there are other ways to do it. The best option involves using a microfiber towel. You get to avoid the potential damage from heat, and it doesn’t take too much longer!

Hopefully, this article provided some guidance on how blow drying hair can cause damage, along with some safer alternatives. If it did, consider taking a look at some of the other posts on the site!

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