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Is buying a treadmill worth it?

Fixed bikes or treadmills are the best alternatives to lose weight without going anywhere. Doing a workout on the treadmill at home is an excellent and easy way to burn extra calories and achieve a healthy body. But many people are using them incorrectly.

Are you interested to gain a fit body and burn those unwanted extra calories? Then getting the best treadmill in India for your home would be a perfect gift to you. Getting a treadmill can give you lots of benefits but the important one is, it increases stamina. Also, it gives you the freedom to work out independently. If you are a shy person, you might be getting uncomfortable while exercising in front of total strangers. So having the treadmill at home worth it. 

Is buying a treadmill worth it? – Let’s talk about this in detail. Here we will talk about few benefits that will answer your question. 

Benefits you’ll get after buying the treadmill

Exercise individually and privately

Having a treadmill at home gives you the freedom to do workouts privately and individually. If you are overweight and don’t want to get bullied, a home workout would be an ideal deal for you. In case, you just want to burn extra calories without going outside, with the home treadmill you can easily do this. A home workout is as efficient and productive as a gym or outdoor workout.

Worth your time and energy

Working on a laptop for 9 to 10 hours daily is a hectic job. Sometimes, we have to extend our time to do our work. Because of this, we don’t get time to go out and do some exercise. Sitting makes you tired. If you are having a treadmill at home, without going outside you can do your workout whenever you get time. Even you can take few minutes of recess to get fresh and do some running on the treadmill and start your work again. This way, you can feel fresh the entire day. 

You can do this while listening to your favorite song, watching the movie, or simply enjoy your workout. 

Burn your calories

To burn your calories, you do not need to go jogging or gyming. With advanced technologies, you can do all these things at your home without going anywhere. Running on a treadmill is as effective as doing gyming or jogging, even better than this. 

According to one research, if you are sincerely want to burn calories, the treadmill is the most useful and robust tool for weight loss. It can be your regular exercise partner. You can start exercising on the treadmill as per your schedule as you do not have to go anywhere. 

Start workout at home and don’t waste money on a gym

When you have the best treadmill in India at your home, no need to waste your money on a gym membership. Save this money for a better thing. Doing a home workout has many benefits including saving money. No need to worry about facing strangers, no worries, just do your exercise while watching movies or reading your favorite book. 

Do an intense workout for a short time

With the treadmill, you do not require to do long-running. Best treadmills come with excellent features so you can do your intense and most effective workout within a short duration. After all, short workouts but effective workouts are the best ones. 

Workout with your family

Some people just want to do exercise as they do not get enough time to go outside and do the workout. They want the simplest form of exercise that can be done at home. 

For this, one can do one thing. Just buy one treadmill as per your budget put it in front of the TV and while watching your favorite TV shows do your workout. By doing this, you are getting two benefits. Exercising and watching your favorite shows. 

Even other family members can join this workout. Especially, ladies don’t get time for themselves but if you have a treadmill in the home, anyone can use it according to their convenience. 

Stay fit in wintertime

Winter month is the most difficult month to do exercise. No one likes to go outside and do the workout as winter months mean chilling at home and enjoy the warmth of the blanket. Going outside during winter means coming with cold. So it’s better to stay at home and enjoy the workout on the treadmill. 

Increase endurance

Doing a workout on the treadmill is the comfortable and best way to increase your stamina. Within one day of exercise, it is not possible. Start slowly but daily. With increasing time, increase your speed and time. This will help you to build your endurance. Even, you can burn more calories than usual exercise.

Become more active

There are tremendous ways to get fit at home. If you do daily chores regularly, you can get fit. Simply, you can do yoga and cardio to get fit. But the best way to get fit is running on the treadmill. 

Other forms of workouts need learning but walking and running everyone knows how to do it. So when you run on the treadmill, you know you are doing it rightly.

Strengthen cardiovascular health 

Overall fitness depends on cardiovascular health and this thing is lightly considered by many people. The absence of cardiovascular fitness affects the overall health of the body such as blood pressure, diabetes, and so on. After your 20s, you have to especially need to look at this. 

If you want to start exercise, starting with walking will be a good option. Make walking is a habit with the treadmill. As the treadmill is popularly known as walking equipment

Few factors to consider before buying a treadmill

Why do a treadmill is not a good option to buy?


If you are thinking to buy a treadmill, the first point you should consider “space”. You should have enough space to put the treadmill. The treadmill comes in many sizes and shapes so measure the space you have before purchasing the treadmill. Try different treadmills before buying one for you. 


When you select the place to put the treadmill, also take care of power. Have a look at the power board. It should not be too far away from the treadmill or you may end up doing plug-in and plug-out. In this case, you can also go for the treadmill that does not require electricity. It can be costly too. You might not get too many options for this. 


If you are living in a flat, think twice before buying the treadmill. The treadmill’s motor creates sound and that sound can become a reason for an unnecessary conflict with neighbors as it can be disturbing. If you have the house and living with family, talk to them first. Morning sleep is important for everyone especially dawn time. So if you want to use the treadmill at 5 am, it won’t work. Because the rest of the members are sleeping and you do not want to become the reason for their lack of sleep. 


Getting a treadmill gives you lots of benefits. So when you want to buy the best treadmill in India, first, plan your budget and think about your requirements and then purchase it. 

And last, “yes”, it is worth it!

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