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Is HGV driving a good Career?

The term HGV stands for Heavy goods vehicles and it is used in transporting the goods between distributors, suppliers, and customers. HGV Drivers play an important role in the supply chain and thus helps in keeping the country stocked up.

Undoubtedly, in this job, the person needs to travel a lot and someone who really enjoys being out on the road then this job is perfect for them. One can enjoy visiting the different places and there is plenty of variation in this job field and also offers freedom.

Skills that you need to be a HGV driver:

1: One should have excellent driving and road safety skills.

2: Communication and people skills.

3: One should be able to do Time management and good planning.

4: Ability to do work for a longer period.

Steps to become HGV Driver:

1: To become an HGV driver, there is a need for a valid HGV and LGV licence. Also, before you apply for a provisional test, there is a need to take a medical test.

2: Mainly, there are two types of licences i.e available category C and E. Category C licence allows you to drive  2-drive axle lorry over 7.5 tonnes but you remembered that it shouldn’t get exceed over 32 tonnes. A category C and E licence enables the drivers to drive an articulated lorry and this application also includes a theory and a practical test.

3: HGV training is available for anyone who is over the age of 18 and carries a driving licence.

4: One of the most important things that need to consider before choosing to become an HGV driver is whether you love to drive or not? After all, it’s all about a driving job and if you love the road and you love to drive then choosing this field is the right choice that you can make.

Some of the other duties that HGV driving might involve:

1: One should have the ability to plan delivery schedules and routes along with a transport manager.

2: Supervising and assisting loading and unloading of goods.

3: Ensuring that the loads are secured safely.

4: You need to up-to-date with traffic reports and changing routes if it is needed.

5: Completing necessary paperwork and logbooks.

5: One should know how to maintain their vehicle like checking its oil, tyre checks, etc.

Here has been defined some reasons that HGV Driver should consider before making it as a career:

1: One can get excellent pay:

Because HGV Driver is in high demand and it is a great way to enhance your earning potential. Moreover, a fully qualified HGV Driver can generate a great income of up to $30,000 for a year. It also depends on whether you are an independent driver or employed with a company. However, if you belong to the employed route then most of the companies also provide bonuses for good safety, different licences, etc.

2: Travel opportunities:

There are most of the people who slave away at work in order to earn the money to travel. Being an HGV driver, you get to travel while earning money. If you opt for HGV training then it can take you anywhere and also you will get the chance to see the different places. Moreover, you will be the ones who will choose the delivery routes and thus you can see all sorts of exotic locations from the comfort of your lorry.

3: Set your working hours:

While working as an independent HGV driver, one should have the power to set your hours and sometimes even your own location. Also, there is a high demand for drivers across the entire UK. So, if you have decided to move across the country with your family then you will be able to pick up work again quickly.

4: Freedom of workspace:

If you are someone who truly loves their freedom then HGV training could be for you. When you are in your own lorry then you remain in control. Also, there will be no supervisor who stands over your shoulder for hours, and there will be no office politics. Also, no one is there who tells you that you cannot listen to loud music. You can enjoy the own way of your driving without getting any disturbance.

5: Satisfaction in Job:

What happens if there will be no HGV deliveries? Well, the country would grind to a halt. Therefore, at the end of the day, the HGV drivers should feel a sense of pride by knowing that they have made a real difference in people’s lives. It is a fact that HGV Driver turnover is pretty low because the people who are in this field know what they love.

6: Gain opportunities to travel:

Most people haven’t realized that drivers actually get to see different parts of the country and got real freedom and variety in their work. However, they spent a lot of their time in the driver seat and there are also some strict restrictions as to how many hours a driver can drive per week. Thus, as a result, you get various opportunities to have downtime in places.

Also, if you are not interested in doing a desk job and you want to see yourself walking up a new part of the country then HGV driving could be everything that you have been looking for.

7: Drivers rules the economy:

The more trucks you are driving the more freight is being moved. Therefore, it is a great sign for a country’s overall economic health as it means that the people are spending more and the business are gaining cash flow.

However, if trucks were to stop driving even for a week then it is obvious that the perishable goods would be destroyed in a matter of days. Also, drinking water could be out of reach after two to four weeks. The hospital and food supplies would get diminish in 24 hours and the ATMs would get empty in a couple of days.

Thus, by knowing all the above reasons one should opt for HGV driver training and make their career in this field. Also, it provides you the various opportunities and one can generate a great source of income from it.

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