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Is It Possible To Install Solar Panels on Tile Roofs

Although solar panels have been around for quite some time and have proven to be better than conventional electrical grids, people still have doubts. Even when they are convinced to install solar systems in their house, several questions may arise in their minds. Consider contacting professionals from Universal Connect to get any questions regarding solar panels and their installation.

Your solar power system’s unique design and price will depend on various factors when you want to install solar panels in your home. Different roof types call for varied installation procedures. For instance, lightweight tile roofs can pose particular difficulties and requirements for a solar panel installation. Before incorporating solar energy into your tile roof, you should consider certain things.

What Makes Solar Installations On Thin-Tile Roofs Unique?

Many regions frequently have cement, and clay tile roofs also called terra cotta tile. Due to the fragility of lightweight tiles, vibrations caused by wind passing in between panels and the racking system resting on top of the tiles can lead to future incidents.

It is not advisable to try to install 6.6 kW solar system Perth solar panels right on top of a thin tile roof. These tiles may withstand severe weather well but are not made to withstand the strain of additional pressure. In addition, the process of installing solar panels can result in breaks or cracks.

So, How Are Solar Panels Installed On Tile Roofs?

An inset solar installation is a popular method for mounting solar panels on a tile roof. During this procedure, a roofing expert replaces the old tile roof with new composite shingles where the solar panel array will be placed. In addition, to ensure that the roof is entirely waterproof, transitions are bolstered with sheet metal, known as flashing and sealed. 

A solar specialist installs the solar array on the roof shingle surface. Although it will increase the time and cost of your solar installation project, this method will give you protracted durability and help you avoid potential home damage.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Inset Solar Panels?

Because of the general appearance, inset installations are popular among homeowners. In addition, it creates a low-profile style frequently used on new home models when solar energy is predetermined, giving the impression that the house was designed with solar energy. 

The extra tiles removed from the roof for the solar panel installation are also yours to keep and can be used for other projects or repairs in the future. In addition, the expenses connected with solar-necessary upgrades of comp-outs may be eligible for government tax exemptions.

Parting Thoughts

You, as a homeowner, might find that some traditional solar system installers will go ahead and install solar panels on your tile roof without a comp-out. But that doesn’t mean you should use this technique for installing solar panels. Instead, consider talking to professionals from Universal Connect to help you decide on the type of installation you want and discuss and compare different techniques for solar installations on tile roofs.

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