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Is It Possible to Rewatch the Instagram Live Stream if It is Ended?

Have you missed out on the Instagram Live you were supposed to attend? Do you know there is still a way by which you can view the live streaming session again? Here are complete tips you need to follow to get the best results. You can follow up with the Instagram Live stream session in multiple ways. In short words, it is possible to rewatch the live stream properly. You can follow these methods below.

1. View Story:

If you have missed out on the live session, there is still an option to view it. The easiest method by which you can get this is by watching the stories. The best part of going live on Instagram is that you will have the option of sharing stories for 24 hours after filing the Live. As a result, it can be the easiest method by which you can get to view the Live.

All you need to do is go to the profile you follow. Here, you will have the option to check out the Instagram story. This is where you may find glimpses of the story still available. It is better to watch the live video from here. You will have to spot a colourful icon right around the story section. This will indicate that there could be an Instagram live video from this account. If you are a daily IG live streamer, you can buy Instagram live views for more popularity.

Tap on this icon, and you will be able to watch glimpses of the story quickly, which will also include the live video, and you can easily browse through this live video for their comments and likes. Another added feature of having this is that you can forward the stream by 15 seconds.

2. Story for Creators:

Coming over to the creator perspective, if you want to watch the live video, you will have to figure out the share option, which is present at the bottom of the screen. While viewing the story, you can find your Live being replayed once you have finished with the camera. 

Here, you can get the share button which you have to tap on.

Once you are done with this, you will have to add the replay option. This will allow your viewers to watch the Live for better results repeatedly.

However, if you are unwilling to share this on the Instagram story or are not ready to add the replay mod, you need to press the discard option. 

Alternatively, you can also try to add the Instagram live story to your camera roll if you want to view this live session later. However, doing this will not reflect on your engagement analytics as you will not be able to know more about the likes, comments and real-time replies on this. But you will still be able to view the live stream again.

3. IGTV:

Another great option to watch the live streaming session again is IGTV. It is one place where Instagram allows every creator to publish their live streaming sessions once it is finished. Usually, most accounts publish their live streaming sessions with the help of IGTV, and you can find them.

All you need to do is go to the account you want to follow. This will help you get the right live streaming session you require. If you do not have any specific account in mind, you can take the help of hashtags, locations or topics to follow in case you do not have any specific accounts in mind. Instead of simply sharing the live stream on stories, most brands and creators share their live sessions on IGTV feed, providing a permanent option. This video will be available, lacking the current metrics and the associated data.

4. Instagram Highlights:

Another place where any user can share their live streaming session is Instagram Highlights. The highlights section allows you to reshare the live session with the stories. It can be done quickly if the user chooses to reshare their Live.

This can be done if the user shares their live streaming session in the form of stories. This feature will help the users simply navigate to your story section and get the live stream session immediately.

To do this as a creator, you must follow a few steps. The first thing that you need to do is to publish the Instagram live on the story section of your profile or page. Once they are published on your stories, you will have to tap on the + sign which is shown. You can opt to reshare Instagram Live to add to the highlights.

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This will help you get the right results, making it much more provisional. You need to look for the title of the highlight, which will help you get the right results. It would help if you chose the reshare Instagram Live to add the highlights.

Make sure that you double checked on the right highlights section. This is mainly because if you have missed any specific part of the live session, you will have to redo it.

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