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Is it True When Drug Users Say, I m Only Hurting Myself?

Addiction starts controlling not only the addicted person but many times even their loved ones and family members. Denial plays a major role in addiction, so much so that it is considered a part of the illness of their addiction. There are too many lies an addict tells himself/herself and one of them is “I am only hurting myself”. This need arises partly due to the history of having to lie and partly due to the need to manipulate to maintain their addiction.

When an addict thinks and says that he is only hurting himself, chances are that he has now started to believe it. But there is a large circle of people around him – parents, family members, friends, colleagues- who know the utter falsity of this statement and belief.

Drug abuse severely

When a person is addicted to drugs, he is no longer the same person he used to be because of the drugs. He becomes manipulative, abusive and detached. Every thought he has revolves around the addiction. He becomes extremely selfish and may have mood swings, depression along with other symptoms.

Though the addict may want to believe that his behavior is not hurting anyone, he isn’t living in isolation. His behavior impacts people around them, whether they like it or not. Drug abuse severely hurts family, friends, coworkers, and society.

The reason the addict starts believing this may be that the anger, guilt, and resentment he knows he has caused his loved ones is too much to handle. He loves his family and friends and the knowledge that his behavior and his lifestyle is hurting them becomes unbearable. Thus, he hides behind a veil of lies and this is the only way he can face each living day. The situation quickly changes from bad to worse and then ugly.

Addiction does damage to a psychological

The onus of improving the situation then falls on the family members and the loved ones. Addiction does damage on a psychological, behavioral and emotional level. To repair the damage, the addicted person and the family, both need help.

Deciding to change is a brave one. Drug abuse is extremely addictive which can make you feel helpless. But there is a way out. Look for help around you. You must first discuss your situation with a loved one you trust, many times siblings may be able to offer a helping hand. Discuss your feelings and intention to do away with substance use.

At no point in time should you consider yourself lonely or alone? In most cases, the close family, parents, spouse, and siblings are the first ones to offer help. Stop believing the lie that no one except you is impacted by your usage of the substance. Once you get near ones by your side, your battle is half won.

Addiction is treatable. Drug and alcohol rehab centers work by taking the addict away from the daily stressors and triggers that lead to drug use in the first place. Recovery is a difficult process but creating a supportive network – free of normal daily stressors – gives a huge advantage to the patient. The United Nation’s latest report states that there has been a 30% increase in the consumption of drugs worldwide as compared to 2009. This has increased the need for setting up more rehab centers across the world.

Tailor-made treatments

In India, several rehabilitation centers have been opened to provide the necessary research and care. The rehabilitation centers in Delhi are constantly seeking better ways to help and treat the addicts and to bring recovery. They have tailor-made treatments with a holistic approach for healing and wellness.

Choosing the right rehab center is important. Focus on selecting a rehab center that offers the right kind of treatment and appropriate care, The rehab center would play a crucial role to help you not only get sober but also work at multiple levels to help you face and lead a normal life post-rehab. The rehab center you select in Delhi must be honest and trustworthy.

Before finalizing the center, understand what they offer, and what is their treatment methodology. Understand how long the procedure would last, what happens in rehab and what kind of post-rehab support they offer. Select wisely for best results and an enriching life post-rehab.

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