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Is Music Therapy a Viable Choice for Patients

who have PTSD and Drug Abuse Disorder?


Drug addiction and substance abuse disorder are plaguing the lives of several individuals worldwide irrespective of their ages, genders, ethnicities, or any other demographics. The suboxone doctors near me say that this trend is particularly frightening as the drug addiction and substance abuse disorder has reached the heights of an epidemic and are claiming the lives of millions of patients every day. But with the development of medical science, there could be specific path-breaking revelations in addiction treatment services that would provide the patients a chance of obtaining holistic recovery.

An acclaimed suboxone doctor Norton finds the relevance of new therapies in addiction treatment:

A proficient suboxone doctor Norton says that the modern drug de-addiction centers and rehabilitation facilities offering sublocade near me are incorporating state-of-the-art amenities like yoga rooms. These yoga rooms offer the patients relaxation and a chance to practice mindfulness while progressing through the various recovery stages.

Substance abuse disorder often precipitates mental health issues in patients. It has also been seen that co-occurring mental health symptoms are a common occurrence with patients suffering from drugs and substance addiction. Therefore, ignoring your mental health during drug addiction recovery is strictly warned against.

Suboxone doctors near me are rooting for newer and more innovative therapies that consolidate mental health while treating substance addiction. Research has revealed conclusive evidence that the mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders are heavily linked. Therefore, the treatment for the former will be more effective if the latter is cared for.

Relationship of PTSD and substance abuse disorder:

There is conclusive evidence that patients who have PTSD are quite prone to develop a substance addiction shortly. A doctor specializing in suboxone doctor Norton says that patients suffering from substance abuse disorder and PTSD experience a common issue called hypervigilance. It refers to the increased feelings of fear and the difficulty in controlling emotions. Post-traumatic stress and substance addiction can give rise to complicated feelings that are quite difficult to control. Therefore, the suboxone doctors come by patients who cannot regulate their emotions and are vulnerable to episodes of increased fear where they virtually lose all control.

The innovative methods created by experts to treat substance abuse disorder and PTSD:

Suboxone doctors near me stated the complexity of treating patients who had been dually-diagnosed with PTSD and substance abuse disorder. With considerable innovations surrounding addiction treatment services, scientists came forward with a novel approach that included music as therapy for individuals suffering from PTSD and substance abuse disorder. These scientists closely collaborated with experts to design a curated music therapy program that would be efficient in creating a calming effect on people who are prone to hypervigilance.

The doctors specializing in sublocade near me say that this music therapy program was developed on the foundations of specific research that worked on brain biology revealed different brain areas to encounter a calming effect due to particular kinds of music. The diagnostic and statistical manual of psychiatric medicine published the test results, which included both male and female patients undergoing the specially curated music therapy program to treat the co-occurring symptoms of PTSD and substance addiction.

What did the results of the studies yield?

The suboxone doctors near me state that there was a massive difference in the overall severity of the symptoms of PTSD and substance abuse disorder in the patients pre- and post-intervention. The patients who participated in the program exhibited significant improvements in the subscales related to mood, cognition, hyperarousal, and attention. The subscales, as mentioned earlier, were directly linked with the hypervigilance problem that is a common symptom of PTSD and substance abuse. Suboxone doctors were elated as the test subjects showed a significant development while undergoing various tests after being treated with music therapy. Their abilities seemed to increase manifold.

Summing up:

With ample evidence linking music therapy’s benefits in the dual diagnosis of PTSD and substance abuse, numerous rehabilitation facilities and substance de-addiction centers are interested in applying it. Such newer and innovative therapy forms that relieve the overall symptoms of co-occurring mental health conditions are expanding the frontiers of drug addiction treatment and recovery services. For people suffering from substance addiction and severe mental health conditions, it offers a ray of hope.

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