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Is virtual Yoga Classes Are As Practical As In-Person Yoga Classes?

Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress, develop strength, gain flexibility and get in tune with your body. In short, yoga gives a boost to your overall well-being. But sometimes it is expensive as well as time-consuming. Classes are primarily pricey, and moreover, there are other costs like transportation, mats, and other gears. This leads to a large portion of your paycheck gets devoted to practicing yoga. In addition to that, most people also struggle to reach the studio on a constant basis.

But now, people have one more option that is virtual yoga classes. But the question is, are online yoga classes are as good as going to a yoga studio?

It is seen that every other week one or the other website is providing online yoga classes like online 200 or online 300 hour yoga teacher training course. The sites are also straightforward. Anybody can try a demo class for free, and when satisfied, you can continue with a monthly fee with immediate access to an online library for online yoga classes.

Online yoga classes are excellent substitutes for in-person learning, and it’s a practice that takes place with a real, live teacher. Let’s see how virtual yoga classes makes an easy substitute for in-person yoga classes in yoga studios:


Customized attention from a good yoga instructor:

Whether you are a beginner or have several years of experience in yoga, getting trained under the supervision of a certified yoga teacher offers you an opportunity to obtain the best attention. For instance, if you have an injury, your yoga teacher can help you modify the poses to prohibit any further damage. As he/she is right there in front of you, it’s easy to adjust all of your poses so as to prohibit injury, like in-person yoga classes.


Learn the perfect way to move and hold on to your poses:

When trying to do yoga from a video, it’s difficult to see the delicacies of each pose and how to change from one pose to another pose quickly and safely. By learning from what you see in a video or without one-one instruction, you might create bad habits that prohibit you from obtaining the best experience from the practices.


Obtain a sense of community from those live online yoga classes:

According to Buddhism, an organization must experience the best health and enlightenment. When you are a part of a live yoga class, it helps you connect with those around you in a highly relaxing and enjoyable setting. You are now part of a variable group of people who enhance your body, mind, and spirits.

It is also an excellent opportunity to meet several people and make some great friends. With regular, timely classes, it becomes an integral part of your daily routine that you do not want to miss, and it is easy to make it a priority. Online videos are very flexible and readily available. Therefore it is easy to postpone or skip. But it is not the case with virtual classes.


Easily avoid all distractions like a yoga studio:

Yoga is something more than toning your muscles and doing exercises. It helps in cleansing your body and mind and achieving focus as well as peace. Yoga is one of the great ways to reset your mind, especially if you are stressed out. Yoga studios are set up in a way that they are free from all kinds of distractions and helps achieve peace and clarity. It is not the case when you are practicing by following a yoga video from YouTube. Thus virtual yoga classes are free from distractions, same as in yoga studios.


All of the above factors prove that online or virtual yoga classes are an excellent substitute for in-person yoga classes.

But it also depends on the teacher as well as the platform. Many teachers are offering an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course that is user-friendly and makes your life easy. And on the other hand, some teachers and media are not easy to gel with. Thus, virtual classes are good to go only if you find a perfect fit.

Now let’s compare virtual yoga classes and in-person yoga classes at yoga studios more firmly.

When you are doing yoga practices at a yoga studio, you have to consider several things like the travel time, cost, parking charges, clothes you will wear, and some extra time you need to be there before a class. Then there are some mental challenges when it comes to feeling self-conscious and competitive seeing someone is doing better than you. Yoga is not a sport where you do everything perfectly, and also, it is not a mental challenge where you have to force your brain to remain silent for an extended period.

Virtual yoga classes are efficient only if you are staying consistent and practice them regularly. You are more likely to do it when it is highly affordable as well as simple. Therefore, nowadays, it is believed that when the right platform is chosen, doing yoga at home through virtual classes is more beneficial than doing it at the studio.


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