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Is Your Electrician Teaching You These Safety Tips?

With advancements in technology each day, there is an ever-increasing need for better safety. Because, quite frankly, the risk of falling from a modern-day skyscraper is zillion times more than falling while walking on a single-story building. Deadshort Electrical is the go-to electrician in Adelaide for various reasons. They provide switchboard upgrades, air conditioning services, thermal testing, general repairs, and programmed maintenance. Don’t just start knocking on walls with a hammer on your own. If you live in the Adelaide area and looking for nearby electricians you might want to look for electricians whose workmanship is backed by the guarantee they provide to the customers.

Why Are Safety Tips Important?

Each country has its law framed to look after the safety of its citizens. Every industry also has its own organizations to frame safety rules, issue guidelines, implement the correct procedures, and take necessary actions if safety is neglected. But more than often, these safety guidelines are ignored in our day-to-day lives, especially in our homes. Safety is often turned a blind eye to while dealing with high-risk electrical appliances with next to no precautions taken. 

With no one to supervise, these safety tips are usually passed over by your electrician:

Touching electrical appliances with wet hands:

As water is a good conductor of electricity, there is a high chance that you will encounter an electric shock on touching an electric appliance with wet hands. So, it is advisable to touch or repair the appliances with dry hands or by wearing shoes with insulated soles, protective clothes, and nonconductive gloves, whenever possible.

Switching off main supply:

Having the main power switched on during electrical maintenance activities at home can prove fatal by paving the way for accidents and shocks. To protect yourself from such deadly accidents, you should always switch off the power supply while working during such activities. During smaller maintenance activities, make sure to switch off the plug point while working.

Replacing or repairing damaged or frayed electrical cords:

Damaged electric cords, broken plugs or damaged insulation can pose a serious threat to safety as they can lead to electrocution or fire. Cords or plugs should be replaced or repaired right when you notice the signs of cracking or fraying in them. They should be checked for these signs on a regular basis and should be replaced by a qualified electrician for additional safety of both the residents as well as the appliances. 


Overloading can occur when you plug various high-wattage appliances into the same electric outlet. It can be unsafe if the amount of energy exceeds the limit of what the outlet is capable of. To avoid overloading, you should unplug some of the appliances from the original outlet and use other outlets if available. Try installing multiple outlets to avoid overloading.

Unplug all unused appliances: 

Unplugging your unused appliances can not only save your power supply but also shield your unused electric appliances from power surges or overheating, which easily makes it one of the simplest and easiest electric safety tips. 


Safety has been a vital topic in any field of work and in day-to-day life. Though it is often ignored, safety is highly recommended. With electric appliances providing all kinds of accidents and even deaths, it is advised to follow the safety tips very carefully while using any electric appliance and save yourself from a fatal accident. Find nearby electricians that can help you in doing so.

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