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JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth – True or myth?


Web Development, shortened for Web Dev, is the foundation for any website coming live on World Wide Web. Either a Website Development Company builds the website, or you yourself implant it; you have heard a lot about JavaScript. Right? If you have a tech background, you might have the know-how. However, people new to the web dev world don’t understand why JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth.

No biggie, when we are here to smooth it for you.

Let’s enter the web dev world!

What exactly is JavaScript?

JavaScript, abbreviated for JS, is a programming language that lets you perform/ execute what you want on the web.

In simple words, it is a high-level language that fuses interactive elements in the web pages – giving life to the static web pages.

It adds behavior (responding to users’ actions and requisites) and feel to the website by incorporating plenty of useful elements.

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript itself contains the listed features.

  • Lightweight scripting language
  • Platform independent
  • Multi bracket syntax
  • Dynamic typing
  • Functional style
  • Prototype-based object-orientation
  • Detecting users’ operating systems (OS) and browsers

Distinct attributes attached to JavaScript 

  • Web browsers’ native language is JavaScript.
  • Besides, it is the most famous language in the development public eye.
  • Beginners can easily adapt to it in no time.

JavaScript being the native and popular scripting language alone justifies the saying, JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth.

Nevertheless, let’s dig in a little bit more to get the answer.

What does it do?

The one-word answer is “coding.” Not to mention, coding is what development is based on, and JavaScript is used to write that code. Even a couple of JavaScript lines can do a lot.

More specifically, a Website Development Company uses it for all web-based applications, mobile apps, browsers, software, and game development, embedded hardware controls, etc.

All that is the need of time to let people and businesses stay connected, especially after the pandemic.

Thus the JavaScript leveraging all the benefits is the apple of the eye of the developers.

Interestingly, it works for both Front-End and Back-End Web Development, server-side and client-side scripting and rendering. Moreover, many popular frameworks and libraries have JavaScript as their mainstay, for instance, React, Angular, Ember, JQuery, Parsley, D3.js, and so forth.

Individuals (business owners, customers) are wielding the internet for all selling, purchasing, brand awareness, knowledge base, etc. Obviously, the websites dealing with all this calling need to be interactive to the visitors, exercising the functionality per users’ requests.

And JavaScript is adjoining this interactional component in almost all fields with its features, libraries, and frameworks.

Still looking for a reason for the phrase “JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth”?

Here is the convincing evidence!

Briefly, all the following actions (not limited to them) occur thanks to JavaScript:

  • The search box on the website
  • Dropdown menu
  • Playing Audios and videos
  • Autocomplete
  • Images zoom-in and zoom-out options
  • Change in the color when cursor sets foot on the button
  • To implement action with just one click on the popups, buttons, etc.
  • To view the recent activity, loading/ refreshing the news feed
  • Carousel slider on the homepage/ webpages
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Handling dates and times; displaying timer on the website
  • Displaying timely content updates
  • Overhauling the problems in browser compatibility

Sounds fascinating?

There are many more striking features (that this language can do) that we don’t even notice on a daily basis. It means it is JavaScript coupling with other programming languages that are powering our websites efficiently.

No wonder JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth due to all of its contributions to the internet world.

To avail all the amazing features (mentioned above or not), it can draw for a website/ software/ app, contact a Website Development Company. However, the expertise of the development company or the developers producing the code behind the scenes matters a lot.

Navicosoft seems to be the best option. The company discusses your objectives and goals following the respective website, software, etc. eventually timely delivers your completed projects after testing them meticulously.

Get a wonderful online presence with the Web Development skills of Navicosoft for creative and quality websites.

Reasons as to why JavaScript is so popular? 

In addition to the above, JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth due to the benefits that the developers acquire from it.

  • JavaScript has robust speed owing to the fact that it runs right away, just-in-time compiled.
  • It has quite a simple syntax; as mentioned above, it is far more easy and more fun to learn programming language.
  • It has rich interfaces; interactive, stylized, usable for creating a number of features.
  • It gets updated annually.
  • The developers can increase the functionality by writing the JavaScript snippets.
  • It reduces the overall server demands due to its exceptional benefits for the client-side.
  • JavaScript is Scalable; it does not need time to change. Tweaking the code is easy to get used to for the new requirements.

Finally, we can conclude that JavaScript is almost everywhere when it concerns browsers, servers, websites, and software. Therefore, JavaScript is the Web Dev behemoth, really true.

Scoop from Web Dev world

However, roamers about JavaScript being replaced in 2021 or 2022 are circling the development world. Besides, for the past few years, JavaScript alternatives are emerging. Naming a few are dart, blazer, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, WebAssembly, Kotlin, ELM, Haxe, LiveScript.

Being the web browsers’ native language, it does not deem so. However, indeed, due to technological and artificial intelligence (AI) incorporation in the web development world, we can expect another rising programming language equally comparable to JavaScript.

Let’s see what the future has for JavaScript!

Anyway, grab the opportunity to have a readily recognizable online presence for your business and enjoy the perks.

Navicosoft, being the leading Website Development Company thinks out of the box for you. Navicosoft has distinct popularity for all website, software, and app development for respective niches. Thereby creates what makes you stand apart from the competitors.

Eventually letting you grab a functional, flexible, and appealing website for your business or brand.

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