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Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a low-price medicine that contains the same ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate 100mg) as its more expensive counterpart Viagra and is also used for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment.

The main advantage: So, Jelly absorbs directly into the bloodstream and requires a smaller dosage to achieve the same result.


Who manufactures Kamagra Jelly?

It is produced by Ajanta Pharma – a specialty pharmaceutical company established in 1973 and headquartered in Mumbai (India).


What jelly flavors will I get?

Flavors for your order are chosen randomly from the offered 21:

  • Pineapple,
  • Orange,
  • Strawberry,
  • Vanilla,
  • Banana,
  • Black Currant,
  • Butterscotch,
  • Mint,
  • Rose,
  • Mango,
  • Lemon,
  • Cherry,
  • Chocolate,
  • Watermelon,
  • Guava,
  • Litchi,
  • Raspberry,
  • Green Apple,
  • Anjeer,
  • Caramel,
  • Kiwi.


What side effects may I notice from Kamagra Oral Jelly?

Side effects that you should report to your doctor:

  • Breathing problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Changes in hearing
  • Chest pain
  • Changes in vision
  • Prolonged or painful erection
  • Irregular heartbeat


How to use Kamagra Jelly?

Use Kamagra exactly as directed by your doctor. You may take Kamagra with or without food.

Kamagra jelly is taken orally 15-25 minutes before sexual intercourse. It continues to work for up to 4 hours.

You should never take more than one jelly more than once a day. If too much is used, the chance of side effects is increased.


What may interact with Kamagra?

Do not take Kamagra Jelly with any of the following:

  • Other sildenafil citrate products (Viagra, Fildena®, Aurogra®, Intagra®, etc.)
  • Cisapride
  • Nitroprusside
  • Nitrates
  • Methscopolamine nitrate


Is Kamagra same as Viagra?

Kamagra contains exactly the same active ingredient as Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate).


Is Kamagra Oral Jelly much cheaper than Viagra?

Yes! One Viagra 100mg pill costs around $60. One Kamagra Jelly sachet will cost you from $3.5 to $6.

There is nothing worse than having to look into those questioning eyes and try to come up with some sort of story, some kind of excuse, a heartfelt reason why you couldn’t perform, why you couldn’t finish the job, get across the line.

It’s bad enough to come to terms with it yourself, as you may be in shock or feel consumed by utter humiliation. The good news my friends is that you are not alone, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects around half of the male population, this figure may well come as a surprise to most of you as men we don’t always like to talk about our problems, especially when it comes to matters that affect us downstairs.


In ED is a condition a man is unable to achieve and maintain a sturdy erection until the climax is attain. When he is unable to keep the erection and maintain it, the flow-on effect can lead to a series of other preventable psychological issues.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of impotency and ED amongst our male friends today.

Lifestyle factors have a massive effect on whether or not you are going to potentially suffer from ED. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood pressure, smoking, injury in the male sex organ, depression, anxiety, excessive alcohol. Consumption of all factors that are link to ED and have a negative impact on men’s health, as a result causing impotency.

So what happens when to us when we suffer from ED?

Well a lack of interest in sex for starters, adds to this weak erection that may or may not lead to complete impotency. And how do we counteract this? Who do we talk to?

Well, guys the best and only place you should seek advice for this common male issue is your local doctor. This is where he or she can help dispel any worries or myths about impotency and ED. Also gives you a chance to answer all the questions that may have been lingering in the back of your mind. In certain specific instances, you may be prescribe medicines to treat your problem.


Kamagra Oral Jelly is available in many flavors: Pineapple, strawberry, orange, banana, Grape, Raspberry, and mint flavors. As Kamagra does not cause gastric irritation, it is a preferred medication over other ED drugs.

For those out there suffering, you don’t have to suffer in silence, you are not alone, there are ways out there to treat your condition. Kamagra Oral Jelly is certainly one of them, but as with any medication consult your local doctor before starting.

Kamagra – An Effective Answer to Your ED


ED or Erectile Dysfunction is quite common in men. Which had led chemists and druggists to come up with various medical remedies for it. The good news is that this sexual dysfunction or impotence is curable. Of all medication available in the stores today, Kamagra has made a distinctive mark as an effective answer to the treatment of ED.

Kamagra or Sildenafil Citrate

(its generic name) is one of its kind, being the first significant oral medication for ED, which is widely popular now. It is the same as the 100mg Viagra. Only the color is different. It is found in two forms—tablet and jelly. The interesting trivia surrounding Kamagra is that it was originally prepared to improve blood flow into the heart and soothe cardiovascular problems. But it proved more effective in boosting sexual abilities and the erection of the penis. Thereafter, Kamagra was approved by FDD and it gripped the market as a surefire remedy for ED.


Kamagra, when fully absorbed, inhibits PDE5 and thereby relaxes the muscles to allow a healthy erection. But you need not worry if you don’t indulge in any sexual activity after its consumption. It will be automatically eliminated from your body.

Like all pills, even this has its side effects; but with Kamagra, the fallouts are mild and short-lived. Congestion, diarrhea, headaches, urinary tract infections, facial flushing, etc. are some of its side effects. However, the effectiveness of this oral medicine Kamagra has been tested over the years and across all age groups. Kamagra-treated patients have shown 80% improvement in terms of erection, penetration and maintaining the erection over a longer period of time.

So be on your guard and proceed only after you get a green signal from the doctor. With that ensured, the rewards are far-reaching.


Miracle Drug Called Viagra has Led to a Sex Therapy Boom

Benefits – This drug has benefited many people in many ways. It has just simply changed the life of people suffering from Erectile Dysfuncioning

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The advent of Viagra

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