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Keep Your Carpets Clean During Summers With 5 Tips

Summer can be a great time with the warm sun shining down and the tan you get. However, it can also be your worst nightmare, especially if you have a carpet. People visits and children can really do a number on your rug. The silver lining here is that you can actually keep your house spic and span simply by calling in professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide. However, you can also follow certain practices that can help you achieve this. Here are five tips that will change your life this summer.

  1. Add the extra layer

One of the biggest causes of a soiled carpet during summers is increased traffic. From children and their friends to family and loved ones, a lot of people end up visiting in those months. Therefore, protect your carpet by laying down runners, rugs, and mats in areas with high foot traffic like the hallways and entrance.

  1. Vacuum regularly

A great way to maintain your carpet’s looks and health is regular vacuuming. Vacuum cleaning at least once a week is necessary to hold it together until the next professional cleaning. If you have had guests, it is better to increase cleaning frequency a bit. Furthermore, use baking soda as you vacuum to get rid of the odor.

  1. Keep the shoes off

Going shoeless indoors is yet another way to reduce dirt and grime in your carpet. Have your loved ones and guests to keep their outdoor footwear outside to avoid tracking in mud, etc. This could be a great excuse to practice having different footwear for walking inside the house.

  1. Go outside

Kids are the culprits for a soiled carpet during the summers, with them running around the house, playing, and causing a ruckus. The easy solution to this is to being outdoors for the most part. Letting your kids play outside and joining them, even, can reduce the time they would spend running inside the house.

  1. Call in the cleaners

While you can always clean the carpet yourself with spot cleaning and vacuuming, calling in the professionals is inevitable and necessary, even. Summers can result in a soiled carpet, but it is also the best time for a deep clean from a pro cleaner, as the rug dries quickly; this way. This will also extend their life.


Carpets can add a touch of warmth to your house and its interiors. However, it can also be a headache to maintain, especially during summers. With regular cleaning and hygienic practices, you can extend the life of the rug and keep it clean and healthy. These, along with calling in the professional cleaners, make carpet maintenance a breeze.

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