Key tips to manage your expenses during a move

You have bought a new house and are really excited to move into it and start a new life but it is not as easy as it seems. The whole moving process is a very time-consuming and overwhelming experience that includes many small tasks and it starts with finding the right moving company to move your stuff safely. While searching for the right moving company, you will obviously be lured by the thought of hiring the first moving company that you will come across. But make sure you do not make the mistake of hiring just any moving company without gathering all the information about it. Spending a little extra money would pay off when your delicate and expensive goods would be delivered safely to your new house.

Select More Than Two Companies to Choose From

The first step that you should take while searching for a good and reliable moving company is to select at least three moving companies to choose from. It is important to get the best moving quotes from the best moving companies to have a smooth and pocket-friendly moving experience.

If you are moving soon, make sure you follow the guidelines given below to get accurate estimates from your selected moving companies. 

Start Early

It is important to find the right moving company and collect the best moving quotes as soon as possible. We all know that it is almost impossible to ask for any discounts during peak season so it is highly recommended to select 2 to 3 moving companies and ask them for their moving estimates. It is evitable that early birds get discounts in most cases. Also, starting early will give you the privilege of choosing the best out of many options. Last-minute bookings are not only costly but you also lose the chance of hiring the best as they are already hired.

Get Three Moving Estimates at the Least

Makes sure you search for more than three moving companies and get moving estimates from at least three of them. Most of us make this mistake of hiring the most expensive moving company and think that expensive means the best and repent later. You need to understand that you can get better services at lower rates too. That is why it is important to get moving quotes from three moving companies to compare their prices and services. Also, do not forget to get a few more details from each moving company including estimated moving time and availability of any promotional discounts.

On-Site and Written Moving Quotes

Do not agree to any telephonic or verbal moving estimates given by moving companies. It is important to call a surveyor from each selected company to have a visit to your home and inspect each item in person to be sure of the final moving quotation. An on-site visit is important to avoid any last-minute disagreements. Make sure you get each moving estimate in writing to wave off any possibility of hidden charges. Many moving companies add extra charges for extra things and claim that they were not aware of the size of the move so to avoid any such situation it is wise to call their representative to provide an on-site moving estimate.

For an in-home or on-site moving estimate, the moving company will send their agent to your home for an assessment. The agent will be able to quote you the accurate price as he can see all the goods that you own and want to move. An over-the-phone moving estimate is not reliable as any party can deny the facts they stated over the call thus the moving estimate will not be valid in that case. Calling a company agent home to get the right estimate may feel like a burden but it will pay off when you will get the best moving quote.

Moving Insurance

The other most important thing that you need to discuss with your moving company is your moving insurance. Most moving companies provide basic insurance to cover the value of customers’ goods in case of an accident during transit. This coverage is a mandate initialized by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. Liability of goods and insurance of goods are two different things so it is important to talk to your mover about the type of liability offered by the company. There are two types of moving liabilities including full-value and released value. A full-value moving liability ensures that your professional moving company is financially responsible for any kind of damage during the transit while in case of released value the company will pay only a certain percentage of the damage that occurred. Even if you have homeowners’ insurance, it may have its own limitations so it is wise and important to get extra insurance to ensure the safety of your goods.

By following the above-said guidelines, you will be able to find the best moving company with the best moving estimate.

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