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Kids Friendly YouTube Channels That You Should Look Out For

Whether or not you are stuck inside with your kids on a rainy day or need to catch a breath without turning on the TV, YouTube has a plenitude of informative and kid-friendly channels to keep your children drawn in while learning.

Moreover, since an ever-increasing number of individuals are venturing forward to drop their satellite TV by virtue of yearly expansions in costs, you can get to YouTube without paying anything extra. All that is needed is a consistent internet connection to engage your children with a load of healthy and educational content. However, if you believe in the supremacy of cable television and want to subscribe to an affordable yet decent TV plan, you should explore Optimum TV plans. Not only is the channel lineup offered by Optimum extraordinary, but its parental control settings also make sure that your child does not get exposed to any farce content.

Coming back to YouTube channels, we have looked through various YouTube channels and evaluated the best engaging and enlightening YouTube channels available for kids by the value of content, quality, allure, and commitment. Most of these channels target tweens and younger kids, yet a few channels may work for secondary school kids, as well.

Peruse along to discover the best, most advancing, intuitive, and fun YouTube channels for your children.


Date of Joining: Nov 19, 2014

Number of Subscribers: 541 Thousand

Based in: United States

National Geographic Kids is an extraordinary channel for youngsters who are keen on investigating the dynamics of the world. Through this channel, your child can find out how to conduct science experiments safely; subjects like venomous creatures, seas, deserts, and space missions, etc. are also discussed in the channel’s videos. National Geographic Kids is most appropriate for Pre-K to 5th-grade kids.

2.    TED-ED

Date of Joining: Mar 02, 2011

Number of Subscribers: 14.1 Million

Based in: United States

If your child asks you questions like for what valid reason are trees significant, why time is important, why is water wet, or how do bees live – Ted-Ed is the YouTube channel you want to prefer. The recordings on this channel are all-around planned, engaging, and animated for your child as well as the child within yourself.

The Ted-Ed playlist has organized recordings into categories like Elections in the United States, Exploring the senses, The power of nature, and Human versus Viruses, etc. Some multi-scene series are likewise accessible on the channel, most well-known being There’s a Poem for That and Think Like a Coder.


Date of Joining: Jan 27, 2015

Number of Subscribers: 1.06 Million

Based in: United States

Every video of Kids Learning Tube centers around an alternate point and from vegetables to Earth day, your children are instructed about everything in a manner they like: through liveliness, tunes, and animation.

The library of Kids Learning Tube has more than 380 recordings. You can likewise look into the spaces of recordings by tapping on the playlist tab. The classes that this YouTube channel centers around are Earth, Famous Inventors, Science, Motivational Songs for Kids, and so on.


Date of Joining: Nov 17, 2006

Number of Subscribers: 6.7 Million

Based in: United States

Khan Academy is a non-profit instructive YouTube channel. It offers an outline of subjects so that children can comprehend unique and challenging ideas easily. Subjects like science are additionally categorized into subpart-recordings like energy and chemicals, respiration, and so forth. Exam prep recordings for SATs and other tests are likewise accessible on this YouTube channel. Khan Academy is an incredible learning channel for secondary school students.


Date of Joining: Mar 25, 2015

Number of Subscribers: 728 Thousand

Based in: United States

This YouTube channel centers around kids starting elementary school. The enlivened recordings of Homeschool Pop make learning a good time for children. A few new recordings are uploaded every month to keep the followers locked in.

Homeschool Pop covers a variety of themes including Christopher Columbus, U.S. States, Facts about the Human Nose, Elephants, and so forth. Every one of its recordings is arranged dependent on subject and grade with the goal that you can track down appropriate recordings for your child in a snap.


Date of Joining: May 20, 2006

Number of Subscribers: 12.4 Million

Based in: United States

As the name proposes, Crash Course is one of the most enlightening and instructive YouTube channels for youngsters. At first, it began as a channel to explain science and history to kids, nonetheless, it presently incorporates substantially more subjects like brain research, writing, science, media education, and physical science. The channel has had a decent hold on different subjects; it clarifies complex points in an exceptionally straightforward and easy manner.

What’s more, a few of its videos are made in association with Arizona State University. Subjects like exploring advanced data, designing, machine learning, and AI are additionally talked about in the most ideal manner.


Date of Joining: Jan 28, 2012

Number of Subscribers: 7.9 Million

Based in: United States

Netflix has turned into a family brand now and very much like it serves everyone’s interests, Netflix Jr. makes sure to consider the needs of your children. Netflix Jr. offers a huge load of recordings that feature kids’ most loved characters like Dottie Culpepper and StoryBots.

Additionally, the channel likewise offers exercise recordings for guardians for when their kid is locked in with the recordings. It is an incredible channel for pre-kindergarten to 2nd-grade students.

Wrapping Up

With the internet being a great source of information, it’s also a place where kids can learn about different things at their own pace. YouTube is an online platform that provides access to millions of users who are always looking for the most up-to-date content. Whether you are looking for tips on how to make slime or videos on Minecraft mods, there are channels available that cater to every interest out there.

Happy learning!

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