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Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchens are the most popular remodeling projects in the US, but they aren’t cheap. Statistics show that the average household spends around $14,000 on kitchen remodels.

You don’t want to be shelling out that kind of dough every couple of years! You want to choose a kitchen design for your remodel that looks bang up-to-date so it will last a decade or so.

Lucky for you, this guide lists all the hot kitchen design trends for 2022 so you can build the most stylish kitchen on your block!

Off-White Cabinet Colors

For years, a bright white kitchen design with white marble countertops and white cabinets was the hot trend. But everyone’s starting to realize that ultra-white kitchens never look as good as they do in magazines.

Why? Because they are super hard to keep clean!

Now, hot interior designers like Mal Corboy Interior Design suggest off-white colors for cabinets. Think beige, duck egg, taupe, and slate.

These colors give your kitchen a dramatic look. Plus, they are much better at hiding smudges and splashes!

Glazed Backsplashes

Tiled backsplashes are not only trending, they are practical. They make your walls much easier to clean after you’ve finished cooking.

But 2022 kitchen design trends are calling for glazed backsplashes. This is so the tiles stand out against the wall and look super shiny.

It’s also trending to have the thinnest line of grout you can between the tiles. This makes the shiny tiles look more seamless, expensive, and high-quality.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances aren’t new kitchen ideas. They’ve been slow to catch on but they will only get more and more popular.

Smart fridges, in particular, are popular smart appliances. You can plan your grocery store list on them and display your family’s calendar, too.

Mixed Metal Hardware

Mixed metal jewelry is a hot trend for 2022 so why not mixed metal kitchen hardware? You could choose stainless steel handles for your cabinets, matte black taps, and copper for your sconces.

This trend makes it easier to buy second-hand and vintage hardware. Not only is buying second-hand great for the environment, but these items will also help your kitchen look timeless.

Rise of the Pantry

Is everyone rewatching Downton Abbey? Because 2022’s trending kitchen designs include adding a pantry to your kitchen. This isn’t possible for everyone but if you have the space then it’s very practical!

Build lots of shelves in your pantry so you can see all your groceries at once. Use glass jars and wicker baskets with labels to organize everything. If you don’t have space or money to build a pantry, build shelves in your garage to create the same effect.

Which Hot Kitchen Design Trend Do You Love?

Not all these kitchen design ideas will be right for you and the space available in your kitchen. But by incorporating one or two, you’ll guarantee that your kitchen will look modern for years.

Now you’ve got plenty of kitchen design ideas! But what about the rest of your house? Browse our home improvement articles for more top home design tips.

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