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Is Equal Pay Related to Workers’ Compensation?

People often confuse the concept of equal pay with workers’ compensation, assuming them to be the same. But in reality, equal pay and workers’ compensation are two completely different concepts with the same motive: to protect workers’ rights. 

Equal pay is the concept that preaches that individuals in the same workplace be given equal pay regardless of gender. On the other hand, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and other medical benefits when an employee gets injured while performing their job. 

To help you get educated with both concepts, we have jotted down a few relevant points that could help you differentiate both of them. 

Besides, you should know that apart from having similar core concepts, something connects both of them. That is, in both cases, you can reach out to a Neenah workers comp lawyer for help if your employer creates any sort of obstacle or problem while giving out your basic rights. 

Coming back to the main topic, let’s read different points to know both the concepts better.

Equal Pay

  • Helps boost economy

Equal pay certainly helps to boost the economy. When people have more spending power, this implies that there would be an increase in demand which ultimately results in business generation leading to upliftment of the economy. 

With an average of 83 per cent of women contributors in the US spending, equal pay promotes equality and boosts the economy. 

  • Helps reduce poverty

Over time women have also turned out to be the breadwinners of their families. It has often been witnessed that families with one earner are particularly hurt by the wage gap, making it difficult to support the family.  

Research conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that paying women fairly considerably cuts down the poverty rate of working women and positively impacts the overall poverty rate of the US. 

Workers Compensation

  • Helps you pay off your medical bills and lost wages

Having suffered from an injury can worsen when you are compelled to leave the job because of the disability. The situation can turn out to be awful when you have a bucket full of bills to pay off. 

But you aren’t supposed to worry when you have filed for worker compensation. It helps you pay off your medical expenses until you are completely fine to go back to your work and covers up for the wages you have lost during the recovery period. 

  • You can sue your employer for oversight

Workers’ Compensation is completely bonded with the laws made by the government of NSW. As a result, the employee has the full right to sue their employer if they fail to pay off their compensation or put up a show not to pay the compensation. 

In such a scenario, make sure you hire an experienced Neenah workers comp lawyer and subsequently reach out to the court for help. 


Reading the post, you must have understood that workers’ compensation is more of a micro concept, whereas equal pay is a macro concept including benefits of an economy. 

Regardless of the concept, if you have any sort of trouble receiving your fundamental right, make sure you opt for professional help by reaching out to Neenah workers comp lawyer without any further delay.

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