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Know About the Application and Requirements for UAE’s Newly Launched Green Visa for Ex-Pats

The idea of moving to Dubai is a big dream for many foreigners and with the advent of the digital age, the emirate has also made it quite easy for aspirants to move, live, and work in this UAE emirate. Nevertheless, to receive any type of UAE visa, you need a sponsor who is a resident of the UAE who can assist you in the visa process on your behalf. The UAE has recently launched the UAE Green visa, which is a game-changer for many people who have been trying to find a way out of this challenging situation and are now looking forward to being able to move to the UAE without the need for a sponsor. Here is a short guide to all the information you need to know about the newly released UAE Green visa program.

UAE Green Visa benefits

  • Obtaining a Dubai visit visa by self-sponsorship.
    Earlier there were several limitations associated with obtaining a UAE work visa that the applicant had to bear if they wanted to immigrate to Dubai for the purpose of finding employment. The visa was obtained through the sponsorship of an individual living in the United Arab Emirates, it had a limited validity period and it was time-sensitive. The Green Visa Dubai allows an individual to apply for a Dubai visit visa without having to seek the sponsorship of a UAE resident for the visa application.
  • More validity, more options for work.
    For 5 years, this Dubai visa allows freelancers, self-employed individuals, skilled employees, and investors to stay in Dubai and establish their own business, find a job after arriving, and invest in whatever business they desire. As a result, the UAE has given foreigners more freedom to come to the country, settle and flourish in their livelyhoods, which boosts the economy of the country. Instead of looking forward to getting more employees and workers, the UAE now offers new start-ups and innovative businesses from foreigners an opportunity to grow.
  • Sponsorship for your family members.
    A Green Visa is also advantageous because it provides more benefits to the family members of an immigrant. As a visa holder, you can sponsor a residency permit for yourself, your family members, as well as for your male-dependent children up to the age of 25 and your female-dependent children, without age restrictions.
  • Flexibility and extended grace period.
    Upon obtaining a Dubai work visa, the visa holder is also bound by the employment contract which means if the visa holder loses the job, he or she only has a grace period of 30 days to find another job or return back to the country of origin. The UAE Green visa offers a grace period of 180 days after the visa has expired so that the visa holder can work out visa-related issues. As the Green visa is not tied to employment in a company, ex-pats can even find a job without worrying about being deported or overstaying their visas as long as they do not violate any laws.

Dubai Green visa requirements

  • To go forward with a UAE green visa application, you need to show a salary of AED 15000 or more in the case of skilled employees and an annual income of AED 360000 or more for the past 2 years for freelancers/self-employed individuals.
  • It is essential for one to hold a bachelor’s degree and to meet the eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to be considered eligible for the position. Skilled employees should have a  good employment track record before they apply for Green visa Dubai. Freelancers and self-employed individuals must acquire a self-employment permit.
  • As part of the application, the investor must provide the appropriate approval, proof of investment, and approval of the local authorities.

The process of applying for a UAE Green Visa is still underway and the application is still in the process of being fully initiated. Individuals can’t apply for the visa yet as it is not yet implemented. There will be an update regarding the information as and when the application process for the UAE Green visa starts to run smoothly.

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