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FeaturedHealth and Fitness

Know About The Mystical Art of Yoga Nidra

The hectic schedule and never-ending responsibilities wreak havoc on your health and well-being. Either you are running towards something or away from something which causes unnecessary stress on your mind and body. However, yoga does offer you a way out of all the frustration and discomfort. Knowing and understanding Yoga Nidra training helps you relax at night after a tiring day at work.

Do you know that doctors and mental health professionals recommend Yoga Nidra to help patients relax? A minimum of 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra every night leaves a profound effect on how you feel and function throughout the next day. There are no rules and regulations you have to follow with Yoga Nidra. All you need is to be comfortable at the time of practice.

With that said, let us find out a bit in-depth about what Yoga Nidra actually is and how it benefits you.

Yoga Nidra – In Brief

Yoga Nidra is a powerful yogic technique that helps you relax and enjoy a night of deep sleep. It is also known as conscious sleep as you are aware of the deep sleep state. The concept of Yoga Nidra is mentioned in Mandukya Upanishad discovered by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. The practice of Yoga Nidra helps you overcome numerous forms of mental and physical trauma.

In the modern world, it is known by many names like Lucid dreaming, Transomatic Dialogue, and Past Regression.

If you want to enter and experience true inner bliss and peace then look for Yoga Nidra training and learn more about this mystical art. Let us now look at the numerous benefits Yoga Nidra offers you.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Given below are the five major benefits of a regular practice of Yoga Nidra.

1) Yoga Nidra relaxes your body and mind. With a relaxed mind, you achieve inner peace, something which money can never buy.

2) It helps you attain equilibrium between the conscious and unconscious mind, which provides you with a true sense of harmony.

3) Those suffering from depression should try Yoga Nidra training to find the root cause of this debilitating mental health problem and cure the issue of its root.

4) Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool to help you learn and absorb new knowledge.

5) It is a powerful technique to help those with anxiety relax and sleep peacefully at night.

Do you want to learn this ancient art of deep sleep and rejuvenate your mind and body? Given below are some powerful tips to help you enjoy deep sleep.

3 Secrets to Yoga Nidra

Given below are the three secrets to help you enjoy a deep sleep with Yoga Nidra.

1. Take Out Time After Yoga Practice

Similar to a car that needs some time to cool down after going long distances your body also deserves rest after the intense yoga practice. Make sure to take some time out for Yoga Nidra after finishing the yoga practice.

2. Keep Yourself Warm

After completing the yoga session your body is warm and if the temperature falls too much then your body would become cold. Keep a warm blanket nearby when you start the Yoga Nidra training to avoid falling sick.

3. Be Comfortable

If you experience pain and discomfort when lying down in the Shavasana during Yoga Nidra you can use pillows to raise your knees above the waist level and relax the spine. Yoga experts recommend you keep a thin pillow under your head for added comfort.


Working day and night without break damage your physical and mental health. Choosing to undergo Yoga Nidra training under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher helps you enjoy deep sleep.


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