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Know All About Irregular Menstrual Cycle Treatment

A healthy menstrual cycle is not just essential for a woman to conceive a child but it is the deciding factor for many important things as well. A woman’s menstrual cycle ensures her skin texture, overall well-being, and even happy mood. Well, some women might experience irregular cycles and for that, they prefer ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods. Some might turn to western medicine as well but the repercussions are huge, be it side effects, long-term hair loss, or even infertility. The reason why women are more inclined towards herbal tablets for the irregular menstrual cycle is because of the zero side effects.

You won’t find numerous ladies really energized while discussing the feminine cycle. Clearly, the aggravation, hormonal change, temperament swings, etc is not a desirable topic to discuss. In any case, its significance is felt just when you miss it for a month. You out of nowhere begin to mind and cherish the period cycle which was despised the keep going month for coming on time. Ladies will generally deal with a ton of issues, all things considered. For a month, the period doesn’t show up, or it even appears without giving any advance notice, very much like an excluded visitor. Try not to stress as there is treatment accessible for the unpredictable monthly cycle. You make certain to have plenty of inquiries floating in your brain. Before you rush to make any judgment call, understanding the mechanics of it is astute.

Firstly, Let Us Understand What Is a Normal Menstrual Cycle?

Indeed, as the name recommends, the typical monthly cycle is predictable. A typical cycle stretch will in general be of 28 days. In any case, it differs starting with one lady and then onto the next. It might go from 20-35 days.

What’s Truly Going on with an Unpredictable Period?

You could have previously perceived what’s truly going on with an unpredictable period. In straightforward words, the span fluctuates on every long stretch of the monthly cycle. On the off chance that you have frequently been draining like say at regular intervals or can even endure somewhat longer than common like say assuming you have a monthly cycle of 5 days, it could keep going for 8 days. You ought to realize that missed, late or even early periods will generally come into the class of irregular cycle.

It is very normal for ladies to face or experience irregular cycles. Nonetheless, relatively few will generally give a lot of consideration to it thinking it is very normal. There are a few ladies who begin thinking about the reasons that could have prompted irregular periods.

Side Effects of Irregular Period

Having an irregular cycle isn’t a sickness that requires prescriptions. Notwithstanding, you want to truly stress and think about irregular cycle treatment on the off chance that you track down any of the referenced side effects.

Missed two periods despite not taking any medicine. Your periods abruptly stop for over 90 days — and you’re not pregnant. You drain for more than seven days, You drain more vigorously than expected or splash through more than one cushion or tampon consistently or two. Your periods are under 21 days or over 35 days apart. You drain between periods, You foster extreme agony during your period

Reasons for Irregular Period

There are incalculable reasons that cause an unpredictable menstrual cycle. Each lady makes certain to encounter unpredictable periods sooner or later of time. However, it isn’t perilous being on the more secure side knowing the reasons for it is in every case better.

Pregnancy – This is one of the significant explanations or causes that tell you, you may be having an unpredictable monthly cycle. During pregnancy, the body will in general deliver different hormonal levels. This further makes the period halt.

Food – Not numerous ladies know, however, the sort of food you eat likewise assumes a conspicuous part in being a significant reason for the anomaly of the cycle. To be explicit, the heaviness of your body likewise decides the postponement. Assuming your eating routine generally comprises food varieties that are rich in undesirable carbs, weight gain, etc, you are following the path of the irregular cycle. This further prompts delivering various degrees of hormones.

Stress – Stress is one more typical reason for the irregular period cycle. Regardless of whether it is constant pressure or transient nervousness, it is sufficient to ruin the hormonal equilibrium which later causes missed or unpredictable periods.

Exercise – It is very correct that practicing is great for wellbeing. Nonetheless, practicing an excess can make devastation, as your body needs the energy to discharge. Practicing an excessive amount of prompts consuming of the energy which doesn’t leave anything for the feminine cycle.

Contraceptive Pills – It requires a long time for our body to adjust to the preventative or the contraception pills. This can likewise create a setback for the periods.

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Ayurveda Treatment for Irregular Periods

The significance of menstrual cycle regularity is perceived by Ayurveda. This is because of the way that Ayurveda depends on the notion of “cycles.” Every dosha works in a cyclical style. The circadian framework, or biological clock, determinate by these doshas.

These doshas are continuously changing. Everything gets back to ordinary when these doshas behave appropriately. When the balance of these doshas is disrupted, ordinary becomes abnormal. Physiology devolves into pathology, and health weakens into sickness.

What’s more, the most fundamental thing for you as a lady is your feminine cycle. Thyroid and PCOD-like illnesses keep on compounding the general health circumstance. In any case, unpredictable periods are the sole and starting sign of many issues. With regards to female fruitlessness, the main thing to address is irregular periods.

Ayurveda Medicine for Irregular Periods

Nari Nidhan

Nowadays women resort to western medicines for irregular periods but it has side effects. But In Ayurveda have many herbs for overcome irregular periods and irritation without any side effects. Rishikul Herbal make Nari Nidhan Ayurvedic medicines for irregular periods.

Nari Nidhan Women Care Capsules Key Benefits:

  • Helps in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.
  • Prevents irregular bleeding.
  • PCOS
  • Abdominal pain
  • Frequent miscarriages
  • Cyst formation
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Dysmenorrhoea
  • Hot flashes
  • Boosts immunity and helps overcome weakness.

For More information about Nari Nidhan herbal medicine for irregular periods visit Rishikul herbal website.

Home Remedies

If you loathe prescriptions, think about going the normal way. Your kitchen most likely has a mystical recipe that will offer treatment for irregular periods.


It helps in offering alleviation from the feminine aggravation and assists with managing the postponed or unpredictable periods. Ginger has many medicinal properties.
It is warm in nature better known as taaseer in hindi. Take 2-3 knots of Ginger and boil it
with water till the water is reduced to half. Allow the solution to cool down and then add
honey to it for taste and drink it. This remedy will ease the hormones and allow the flow.
Repeat the remedy every night and see the results.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds are amazing with regards to controlling the feminine cycles.
Sesame seeds also known as til in hindi are also warm in taaseer. You must have seen your
grandmothers talk about it all the time. They are tasteless and can be used in meals and
even used to top the bun of your favorite burger. These seeds will increase the estrogen
level and help you get rid of irregular periods.


Turmeric has ended up being viable in treating different medical conditions and,
surprisingly, for sporadic periods. It helps in adjusting the chemicals. The mitigating
properties help in offering relief. Turmeric comes from ginger family, it has many medicinal
properties and is very effective in irregular menstrual cycle. The way turmeric is consumed
matters a lot. Try buying raw turmeric from local vendor and add into your meals be it
vegetable or daal this will give better results than the ordinary powder based turmeric
which is often fake and colored with artificial means.

Carrot Juice

Carrot being an extraordinary iron source can be utilized in treating
unpredictable feminine periods. Carrots should be consumed raw in irregular periods.
Carrot’s season is in winters so under no circumstances they should be consumed in
summers as those will do more harm than good. In winters try eating carrots in salad
before meals. These will induce the female hormones and makes you fertile. This remedy
should be done regularly to increase the female hormone.


The antispasmodic properties offers help to the feminine issues and offer
equilibrium to the chemicals. Fennel seeds better known as sanauff in hindi are very good
for digestion and reduces acidic reflux. Fennel seeds are often consumed after food and is
often covered with sugar. These are simply taken with mishri or sugar crystals to enhance
its taste. It is advised to take a palm full of fennel seeds after food and should be chewed
and then gulped. These will keep your mouth clean and prevent bad breath too.
Dates- dates are also very good source of iron, some women are deficient in iron and have
low hemoglobin levels. Dates can be taken after food or before food but they have a warm
taaseer and one should not over dose on them. The dried version of “khajoor” is “chhuara”
which is widely consumed in India and is available in local markets.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are excellent super foods which enhances female hormones. These
can be taken in the morning and even with meals. You will see good impact on your hair as
well if you start eating these on a regular basis. These have a starchy and liquidy flow in
them which is supposed to be consumed. The technique is take handful of flax seeds in
hand and chew in the mouth and gulp with water if needed. They are tasteless but still if
you have a problem with the texture you may make a power of these and swallow with
water. But always prepare a power for seven days only and not older than that should be

Since you have all the information on the causes, side effects, and accessible ayurvedic or home solutions for treating the unpredictable feminine cycle, you understand what to do when you face them.

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