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Know all about the healing properties of gemstones


Gemstones with all their elegance and brilliance are no traditional pebbles, but gems with mystical characteristics born from the womb of the planet.

According to Indian astrology, some of these incredible gems have hypnotic properties that make them healing gems.

When worn, these gems provide vibrations and vibrations that restore the body from within, protecting it from worldly distractions.

These precious gemstones have several health benefits that protect the health and well-being of their wearers. Here we will discuss all the precious varieties of gemstones and the exact health benefits they offer to their wearers.

The Gallery of Most Popular Gemstone of The World

Gemstones are mainly categories into two categories, which are precious and semi-precious gemstones. Every gemstone has its own power which can help a person to fight with their problems.

According to Vedic astrology, wearing the desire gemstone can help a person in various ways. Precious Gems, we suggest intense stones that address the high end of the gallery.

The list of precious gems starts with none other than ruby stone, the bright red gemstone that embellishes pieces of jewelry from crowns to toe-rings with such brilliance that everything else faints in comparison.

Next to the ruby ​​stone is always in a green color stone known as emerald stone, which is equally valuable and rarely effective.

The Red Coral Gemstone is both a valuable and powerful gemstone on the planet Earth. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone and Neelam Gemstone both are very inspiring and precious gemstones.

Health benefits of white sapphire gemstone play a role in inclusion in the list. White sapphire is a gemstone which is use as a substitute for diamond.

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Diamond is inextricably link to the list of precious gems. Diamond is inextricably link to the list of precious gems.

The Hessonite Garnet or Hessonite Gemstone and the Cat’s Eye Gemstone, commonly known as the Lehsuniya stone, are two other valuable records on this list.

Other stones that are not as important but are very powerful health stones are rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone. Following are the powerful health benefits of wearing the precious gemstone.

Amazing Gemstones and Their Health Benefits

Let’s have a look at what positive consequences each of these stones cast on the health of their wearers over a prolong period of wearing.

  • Rubies

Rubies are rule by the Sun and therefore possess very positive qualities. Spirits made from rubies adjourn in water were once thought to keep diarrhea.

But for its wearers, the gemstone provides aid from blood-borne disorders that allow better shock flow and heal wounds.

Ruby is rule by the planet Sun, which is considered to be the most powerful and the planet, with many health and financial benefits.

For ruby ​​stone, it is believed that this stone can bring prosperity, success and wealth in the life of the person. After diamond, ruby ​​is the hardest stone found on the planet.

  • Emerald

Emerald is a popular gem variety of the beryl mineral family. Wearing an Emerald stone can help a person in different ways.

Emerald gemstone is also known as Panna stone in India. Because it is ruled by the planet Mercury, hence it is also called Buddha Ratna.

It is known as a treatment for kidney and urinary problems. They can cure several types of piling issues. Depending upon the position of Mercury in the birth chart,

A Panna stone shows its positive and negative effects. If the placement is in the negative house, then this will raise a concern for you. If it is in the positive house, then this will bring prosperity and success in your life.

  • Pearls

Pearls are the natural and organic gemstone found in a deep sea in a living organism. Mainly, there are two types of pearl gemstone found in the world: Natural and Another one is a pearl.

Pearls too are excellent antidotes to many types of issues relate to the kidney. They also help to relieve joint pains and pain cause by severe ailments.

Pearl stone also secures deep sleep and mental normalcy. It is associate with the moon planet, hence it is worn as per the position of the Moon in the horoscope.

Pearl is a popular gem for jewelry and that’s why people love to wear jewelry with pearl gems. Because it gives an amazing look when worn with a necklace.

  • Coral stone

Coral stone is a bright red-color gemstone popular in Vedic astrology. In Hindi, it is term as Moonga,  Ratan. Red coral is commonly associate with the planet Mars or Mangal.

Therefore, when it comes to wearing a coral gemstone, it is worn according to the position of the planet Mars in the horoscope. The inauspicious place of Mars in Hinduism makes a man Manglik.

Hence, it gives rise to different types of problems in marriage. Red coral stone is use to prevent the malefic effects of Mars. Red coral is very beneficial for health.

This stone covers abdominal pain, irregular blood pressure, cough and cold, low strength and stamina, recurrent diarrhea. We can generally say that it can be use to cure all kinds of day to day ailments.

  • Yellow sapphire gemstone 

Yellow sapphire which is also known as Pukhraj Ratna in Hindi is particularly useful in the remedy of tension and blood pressure diseases.

It helps to bring back impotence and increase sperm count. It also keeps physically weak and mentally unstable.

Wearing Pukhraj gemstone can help a person to fight the ill effects of the wrong placement of topaz. Wear it according to Indian Vedic astrology to get benefits from the gemstone.

  • Blue Sapphire gemstone

Blue Sapphire is the highly precious gem variety of Sapphire gemstone. All the Sapphires are the precious gem varieties of Corundum mineral.

This Neelam Ratna is also called Neelam Ratna in Hindi language, and it is a generic term for Neelam Ratna in India. Sapphire or Sapphire is a remarkably powerful gemstone use to boost the wearer’s vital energy and promote activation.

It conquers vision and range problems and gradually enhances memory. It also releases the Agya chakra, which is directly relate to the pituitary organs, thereby encouraging imagination and creativity.

  • White sapphire

White Sapphire is also a popular gem variety of Sapphire Gemstones. It is also use as a substitute for Diamond and hence the stone is not that much expensive.

A person can wear gems according to the position of Venus in the horoscope. It is especially potent for those who are struggling with pregnancy issues and fertility difficulties.

The stone has its own magical benefits. It can build immunity and encourage its wearers to become more attractive with age.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are recommend for individuals experiencing a laundry list of health issues, starting with low sperm count to blood pressure, mental difficulties to impotency.

The stone speaks several conditions at once. By wearing a Diamond, an individual can fight these issues.

  • Hessonite gemstone

Hessonite gemstone pills were prescribe by old healers to preserve dermatological diseases. Astrologers prescribe it too for brain diseases, lung conditions, leprosy, stomach diseases, piles, and sundry conditions.

  • Cat’s eye gemstone

Cat eye which is name as Lehsunia stone in India is recommend for people fighting depression, tension, brain diseases, sex-related issues, impotency, and other serious diseases.

Before wearing cat’s eye gemstone, one should ask the astrologer to get its benefits. Ketu is consider to be the ruling planet of this gem. Depending on the position of Ketu, a person should wear this gem.

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