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Know the different types of patio furniture covers and choose the best ones according to seasons

Know the different types of patio furniture covers and choose the best ones according to seasons

The right dining set, sofa, or armchairs can turn your patio living area into a warm, personal retreat. However, depending on your location, your outdoor furniture might be vulnerable to weather damage. It could be hail, snowfall, torrential downpours, or the Sun’s UV rays.

The right furniture covers will be available in multiple sizes. The most common material is a polyester canvas. It comes with 100% waterproof backing and has drawcords and structured vents.

If you want a heavy-duty design, you can buy the touch canvas material. The cover has high-grade denier polyester of 600D. The weave entails a canvas style and waterproof backing. It can pull out every stop preventing the furniture from getting dry and protecting it from the elements.

Apart from protecting the furniture from bird droppings, sunlight, leaves, hail, snow, and rain, it also showcases structured vents on each side, allowing proper airflow and impeding wind from moving or lifting the fabric.

The change of seasons

The type of furniture cover you purchase can play a huge role to determine your furniture’s lifespan. For example, spring and autumn often provide ideal weather conditions for blissful afternoons and outdoor gatherings in the shade.

  • However, they also come with unpredictable weather patterns like early snowfall, brief spells of unexpected downpour, uncharacteristically hot weather, and cloudless skies. Go for waterproof furniture covers to ensure frequent use and protection against sudden storms.
  • If you live in algid conditions, make sure to cover your patio set with heavy-duty, quality waterproof covers. If you move the furniture and other belongings to storage during the wet and cold winter months, you need to use a proper dust cover.
  • For summers, the type of covers you use depends on the prevailing climatic conditions. For the standard heat, lightweight furniture covers can protect your patio from animals and sun damage.
  • Avoid cheap covers like thin vinyl or plastic. They are not long-lasting. Buy premium materials that can endure changing weather and extreme temperatures.

You can trust premier companies that provide custom patio furniture covers. They craft the products from the finest and strongest materials.

The different types of covers

Vinyl furniture covers have been a common name for ages. Apart from being cheap, they have incredible tensile strength. You can wipe them with soap and water. They aren’t suitable for machine-washing. Don’t saturate these products with water. Use a towel, brush, or pad to clean these versatile and popular vinyl outdoor furniture covers.

Nylon covers are pretty pricey, making them very rare to find these days. However, nylon is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most robust textile materials in the synthetic segment. It has great longevity.

You can machine wash the nylon covers with cold water and bleach that doesn’t contain chlorine. You can also use normal laundry detergent to get the best results.

If you’ve limited bandwidth and budget, you can buy polypropylene furniture covers. They are cheap but very weak. They can last for only a season in the face of sun exposure. Gently clean the covers with soap and water.

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