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Know the Top Security Agencies in Jaipur

Who doesn’t want to provide security to their loved ones? The increasing crime levels are creating a threat to the safety of people. India itself has shown increased crime levels over the past few years. In the year 2016, nearly 1,80,398 crimes were registered in Rajasthan while in the year 2015, the number of registered crimes was approx. 1,98,081.  Also, these are the number of registered crimes, there are so many crimes that are not registered. Therefore, security is one of the most necessary things to be considered today.

Talking about Jaipur, the city has developed very much in terms of infrastructure. Jaipur was also one of the famous cities due to the beautiful monuments it has. It is also known as Pink City and it’s one of the attractive places for tourists. There are so many beautiful things to consider about Jaipur but when it comes to crime, the city is no different from other cities. But, earlier there was only police service for the protection of people but today, we have private security agencies which work for the safety of people. There are many best Security Agency in Jaipur.

What’s the Difference Between a Security Agency and a Police?

We also have police service like other counties. Police work under the government. It works according to the rules of laws. Police take action against something when there is an FIR filed in the Police station. A security agency or company is a private organization.  It also works on certain rules. These private organizations give employment to people who are interested in providing security services. From these companies, you can hire someone for providing personal security according to your choice.

There are certain necessary rules under which these companies offer their services. A person interested in providing personal security to people can contact these companies. They join the company after completing the training period successfully. There might be some other rules for joining a security company. Now, a person who wants personal security can contact a private security company. From here, he or she may hire a person for personal security services like a bodyguard, security guard, etc.

What are the Different Types of Security Services?

There are many types of security services. Security guards, bodyguards, patrolling guards, traffic guards, etc. are different types of security services. Among all these, security guards are very popular. We have seen security guards sitting outside houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. They keep an eye on people coming and going from there. They prevent any unauthorized activity near the place. Earlier, security guards were not much popular but today, their demand is increasing. There are various types of security guards. The payment of security guards also varies from place to place and agency to agency.

Bodyguards are also one of the common terms today. Although, only celebrities and rich people can afford to hire a bodyguard. The best Security Agency in Jaipur provides such services. Generally, bodyguards charge more for providing personal security.  Patrolling guards work for the security of authorized properties. They take care that no unauthorized activities take place on personal property. They do the patrolling of the area which comes under their work. Traffic guards are hired for managing the traffic rules in the parking areas. They take care that the traffic rules are followed well. They take action against any unauthorized activity in the parking area.

Benefits of Having Personal Security Services

There are so many benefits of having security services. Police service is itself very helpful when it comes to our safety and security. Some benefits are listed below:

  1. Having a security guard outside your office is good. Any thief will think twice before stealing anything. 
  2. Having a parking guard for managing the traffic rules is highly required these days. It will make sure that no one breaks the traffic rules.
  3. A bodyguard always accompanies the person whom they are providing security. They have gone through special training and they try to protect the person from any enemy or attack.

They are many other such benefits. With the increasing number of criminal cases, everyone should consider personal security.


In today’s era, many people worried about security. So security is the first preface for everyone. Now you do not worry about security Because everyone knows about R. S. Security. R.S. Security is the best Security Agency in Jaipur. They provide 24*7 Security services like ATM guards, guards for apartments, guards for malls, guards for Homes, Bodyguards, guards for shops and showrooms, etc. They provide guards as per your needs. never disappoint you with the services. R. S. Security guards are always ready for any condition because they trend for it.

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