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Know- Which Yoga Asana Is Effective For Which Disease

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Everyone knows that many types of diseases are prevented by yoga. Here, I will describe some yoga asana as per disease, after reading which you will also be forced to say ‘do yoga, stay healthy’.

Prevent disease with yoga 

Yoga is more than Indian art formed as an exercise or breathing technique. If medicines are not successful in eliminating your diseases, then doing yoga according to the disease can solve your problem. It actually proves to be effective on diseases and can be used as a complementary therapy with traditional treatment for various diseases. However, be sure to consult a yoga expert before trying any yoga asana to avoid any kind of injury. Below are some diseases that can be controlled with yoga poses.

1-Yoga for Disease: Thyroid

There is an association between stress and hypothyroidism, but some yoga poses are considered effective for balancing the thyroid. Several studies suggest that yoga has positive effects on improving thyroid function. 

Symptoms of thyroid

  • Muscle and joint pain, neck swelling, hair and skin problems, hormonal changes, obesity, depression, fatigue, etc. For such symptoms, prevent disease with yoga.


  • Yoga Asana According to the disease

-Halasana  (Hull posture): This posture stimulates the thyroid glands by giving compression to the neck.

-Matsyasana – Fish Pose: This asana helps in stretching the neck that activates the thyroid gland.


2- Yoga for Disease: Diabetes

The number of people suffering from diabetes has increased a lot in the recent past. This disease creates trouble in the metabolic system of the human. Glucose levels are increased due to insufficient insulin production or due to the body’s insufficient response to insulin.

Symptoms of diabetes: increased appetite, fatigue, and passing urine more often, as well as thirst, dry mouth and itchy skin, blurred appearance, etc.

  • Yoga Asana According to the disease

-Ardh Matsyendrasana: People with diabetes can do this asana to control the sugar level of the body.

-Chakrasana or Wheel Pose: Chakrasana is a very effective yoga asana for the diabetic problem.

3- Yoga for Disease: Migraine

It is a chronic neurological disease-causing severe headache.

  • Symptoms of migraine

Hyperactivity, pain on one side or both of the head, sensitivity to light, sometimes nausea and vomiting.

  • Yoga Asana According to Disease

-Padmasana ( Lotus Mudra): This asana calms the mind and reduces headaches.

-Headstand (Supported Headstand): For yoga, this yoga increases blood flow to the brain.

4- Yoga for Disease: Liver problem

The liver is one of the most important organs because it affects and regulates many physiological functions such as protein production, blood clots, cholesterol, glucose and iron metabolism.

  • Symptoms of Liver Problem:

Weakness and fatigue, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and yellowing of the skin, etc.

  • Yoga Asana According to disease

-Half Frog Pose: According to the disease, half frog pose yoga is helpful for those who are suffering from liver problems.

-Parighasana: It is beneficial for liver diseases.

5- Yoga for Disease: Depression

Depression is a psychological condition that makes a person depressed and depressed. When these feelings last for a long time, there is definitely a problem of depression.

  • Symptoms of Depression: 

Loss of interest in daily activities, changes in appetite or weight, changes in sleep, anger or irritability, concentration problems, etc. Yoga can be prevented to overcome these symptoms.

  • Yoga Asana According to Disease

-Barbed Konsana (Bound Angle Pose): Depression patients can prevent disease with this yoga. With the help of a bound angle pose, it can be helpful to get out of depression.

-Sukhasana (Asana Mudra): In this asana, a comfortable gap should be created between the legs and the pelvic. This yogasana is helpful in clearing the mind from hopeless thoughts.

6- Yoga for Disease: Hypertension

High blood pressure or high blood pressure is a serious condition that carries the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is also known as a ‘silent killer’ as no symptoms are seen. In such a situation, yoga can be used to control high blood pressure. Do not increase hypertension further and find solutions to prevent disease with yoga.

  • Symptoms of Hypertension: Severe headache, fatigue, blurred vision, chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, blood in urine, etc.


  • Yoga Asana According to the disease

-Sarvangasana Yoga: This yoga asana has been considered beneficial in preventing and treating high blood pressure, in particular. It is mainly used to control blood pressure naturally by relieving stress.

-Vajrasana (Diamond Pose): This yoga pose can also be done after lunch or dinner. It helps in controlling obesity and increases blood flow in the abdomen area.

-Sukhasana: This Yogasana calms the body and mind. This helps in reducing high blood pressure as it makes the body more balanced.

Apart from this, there are other yoga poses, Virasana, Setu Bandhasana, Ardha-halasana, etc. which are effective in the treatment of high BP.

7-Yoga for Disease: PCOS

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), also known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), affects 5% to 10% of women between the ages of 12 and 45 years. This is a problem in which hormone balance is disturbed. This can make it difficult to conceive. Therefore, it is possible to prevent disease with yoga.

  • Symptoms of PCOS

Irregular periods, hair loss, excess hair on the face, back, abdomen, arms, and legs, pimples, mood swings, etc.

  • Yoga Asana According to the disease

-Butterfly Pose: It is a pedestal like Badakonasana and Bhadrakonasana. These yoga asanas are very helpful for strengthening pelvic muscles.

-Naukasana: This asana is useful in treating PCOS because it reduces weight and strengthens the abdominal muscles. For more information, you can go through yoga school in Rishikesh.

-Dhanurasana: This yoga pose reduces the pain of menstruation and regulates periods. Along with this, it also relieves tension and anxiety.

Along with this, many yoga poses like Shavasan, Padma Sadhana, Chakki Chalanasana also provide relief in PCOD. Contact a yoga expert for more information.

The following Yogasanas can be done to keep the heart healthy or you can say that it is possible to prevent disease with yoga. like:

-Trikonasana – The risk of heart disease can be reduced by trikonasana. Breathing related problems can also be overcome with this yoga.

-Virabhadrasana – Body muscles can be strengthened with Virabhadrasana. Along with keeping the lungs healthy with this asana, the risk of heart diseases can also be reduced.

-Adhyomasoswana – Adhyamoshaswansana improves blood circulation, which helps the heart to stay healthy and you can stay away from heart-related problems.

-Dhanurasana- If the yoga gurus agree, then performing Dhanurasana can avoid heart problems. Muscles around the heart help to keep strong. The entire body remains energetic due to Dhanurasana.

Important information related to Yogasana:

  • Understand all your yoga related to experienced yoga experts. Yoga is very easy to learn and through which you can keep yourself healthy. Before doing Yogasan, be sure to consult the health experts about which Yogasanas you should do.
  • If you feel any trouble due to any yoga practice, then inform the yoga expert about it. Take care not to do yoga in the wrong way.
  • Do not do yoga asana while competing with any other person. Because the physical capacity of each person is different.
  • During yoga, you stretch your body and during this, every part of the body is stretched. Therefore, wear comfortable clothes and your yoga dress should be loose or stretchable, so that you can stretch the body comfortably. During yoga, keep a towel with you so that you can wipe the sweat.
  • Make a habit of doing at least yoga for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Do yoga on a comfortable mat. Do not choose mats that slip.
  • Keep water with you and do not allow the body to be dehydrated.
  • Always keep in mind the important information related to these yogasana and yoga. But also keep in mind that if there is any physical problem or you are feeling, then it is very important to contact the doctor without delay. If you want to know the answer to any kind of questions related to disease prevention or yoga, then it will be better to understand from the experts.

If you want to know more about yoga asana then you can also join a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


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