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Kolkata’s Top 10 Social Media Marketing Certificate Course

Brands must sell on social media platforms because we live in an increasingly internet-dependent generation. It’s never too late to learn the abilities you’ll need to become a top social media marketer. The Top 10 Social Media Marketing Certificate Course in Kolkata are listed here. Choose the course that best matches your needs from the list below.

People interact socially with one another over the internet, using social media platforms, apps, and technologies. Popular social media certification course networks include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The graph below depicts the demand in Kolkata for social media marketing jobs:

Today, almost every business uses social media marketing certificate course, making it a requirement. Their marketing mix includes social media marketing certification course, which puts them on par with, if not ahead of, their competition.

1. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing, an exclusive digital marketing college in India, offers online courses to students all over the world. For those looking for social media marketing certification courses in Kolkata, Academy Of Digital Marketing is a fantastic option.

Academy Of Digital Marketing, an offshoot of DigiAd Solution Pvt. Ltd. Digital Marketing Services in Chennai, is overseen by Institute, the principal and founder of DigiAd Solution Pvt. Ltd. Digital Marketing Services.

Institute, an Instagram influencer, is one of the most well-known people in the country. He’s also an author, a keynote speaker, and a digital marketer.

Academy Of Digital Marketing, which was founded in 2008, gives students a real-world perspective of agency life through an agency-styled learning environment. The strategy used by the agency is to divide pupils into groups and have them apply what they’ve learnt.

When it comes to social media marketing certification course in Kolkata, you should think about Academy Of Digital Marketing. The courses available at Academy Of Digital Marketing are of the greatest possible standard. After earning their credential, Academy Of Digital Marketing students are market-ready, with networking opportunities and direct instruction from industry professionals.

Academy Of Digital Marketing offers an online digital marketing course.

Academy Of Digital Marketing is available to students all over the world because they provide both offline and online digital marketing courses. As a result, it is Kolkata’s best social media certification course. Kolkata, Singapore, Singapore, and other countries have sent students to study with us. Our online classes are well regarded by students living outside of Chennai.

Online classes are conducted by highly trained professors who are thought leaders and experts in their professions. In addition to regular classes, students can ask trainers direct questions during question-and-answer sessions.

Over the last three years, this institute has developed numerous specialists and industry leaders in the field of digital marketing.

Learning via Academy Of Digital Marketing has a lot of advantages.

  • Real-world project experience
  • Domain and hosting for your blog are both free.
  • Experts in the field will teach you.
  • 100% aid with job placement
  • Experience with ad agencies

2. eMarketing Training

eMarket Education, a digital marketing training school in Kolkata‘s Koramangala area, is located there. This company, which was founded in 2014, offers social media marketing certification course that include sophisticated elements of social networks.

This group has trained over 1000 students and offers job placement assistance.

3. Kolkata’s OMIT

OMIT – Online Marketing Institute and Training is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Kolkata’s prime locations. They offer in-depth training on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and more, in addition to social media marketing certification course.

OMIT trainers have 6+ years of expertise in social media and provide complete social media training with theoretical and live training modules.

4. Elan’s Option

Elanchoice is a school that teaches aspiring digital marketers and entrepreneurs new marketing tactics.  The organisation also offers digital marketing courses in Kolkata, in addition to social media marketing training.

5. Easy to Understand

Simple Learn makes learning digital marketing skills online easier than ever before. They also provide cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and data science education.

After completing the Simple Learn advanced social media certification course, 85 percent of students received rewards from their employers.

6. Kolkata’s NIDM

For more than a decade, the National Institute of Digital Marketing has been based in Kolkata. NIDM offers social media marketing training at both the beginner and advanced levels. They have successfully taught over 20000 trainers and 800 firms during their journey.

Students at NIDM’s Kolkata branch can get training both online and in the classroom. If you live in the given area, you can enrol in their course.

7. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 in Malleshwaram, India, is a renowned digital marketing college that offers the best social media marketing courses in Kolkata.

8. Digital Monk

In Kolkata, Digital Monk is a well-known Digital Marketing training college. Students, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn everything there is to know about social media marketing certification course. In the last year, Digital Monk has trained over 5000 students and partnered with over 100 companies.

9. Learn Digital Academy

Learn Digital Academy, situated in Kolkata, is India’s only agency-based digital marketing institute. Aspirants can enrol in a social media marketing course that will teach them everything they need to know. If you’re looking for a social media marketing training in Kolkata, this is the place to go.

10. Chee Ron’s In Kolkata

Chee-offers Ron’s digital marketing training. Students can enrol in a full digital marketing course that includes live projects and internships. The course also covers important topics like Google Adwords and SEO, in addition to social media marketing certification course. Training and advice are provided by industry experts. Chee Rons now offers a worldwide renowned accredited offline digital marketing package with excellent placement guarantees.

Assume you’ve always wanted to learn more about social media marketing Certificate Course and how you can use it to grow and improve your company. In that case, we hope the following list of the best 10 social media marketing Certificate Course in Kolkata proves to be useful. Kolkata is an international business hub and one of the greatest places to learn social media marketing Certificate Course in the world, so you’ve come to the right place! You don’t need to go to a typical institution to learn; all you need is a computer and an internet connection!


The scope of digital marketing is very extensive at the moment. As digital media is the most recent media trend that utilises the internet. It has shown to be one of the most effective mass communication vehicles.

80 percent digital marketing and 20% traditional marketing should be the balance. In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing is significantly more vital.

The expanding number of digital marketing jobs in Kolkata. As well as the scope of internet marketing in India, demonstrates the growing demand. The marketing industry is flourishing. Which means there are plenty of job openings and a slew of new enterprises are springing up.

In India, a marketer’s average salary package is around 6.5 lacs. Digital marketing evolves in tandem with industry trends. Ensuring that marketing roles never get mundane for personnel. In the subject of marketing. New employment prospects can be explored because the specialty is quite vast and extended.

Digital marketing is currently one of the most innovative fields. All other sectors are locked at a growth rate of less than 5% -10%. However the online marketing industry is booming at a pace of up to 40%.

Are you a certified digital marketer in Kolkata? Tell us about your experience as a digital marketing student in the comments section below!

Academy Of Digital Marketing is a wonderful alternative if you’re undecided about which institute to attend. With expert trainers and our unique agency-based teaching style, you can learn the art of digital marketing from the comfort of your own home. One of Kolkata’s most popular online digital marketing courses is provided by Academy Of Digital Marketing.

For further information, call +91 629 044 5044or go to

Good luck with your studies!

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