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Last 1-month Preparation Tips for UP TGT 2021 Exam

All the aspiring teachers who wanted to teach in a government school can now fulfil their dreams by appearing for the UP TGT 2021. There are a number of vacancies available so there’s a high chance of you bagging a seat.

We recommend candidates so start preparing as early as possible but if for some reason you were unable to do it, and you are now feeling the time crunch don’t worry we have you covered. To help you, we have prepared some useful UP TGT preparation tips and strategies.

UP TGT preparation plan

This is a 1-month preparation plan for you. 1 month is too little a time to prepare such a Vast syllabus but nothing is impossible and if you give your best, you can still do it. Since time is short, you must not waste any more time and start preparing as soon as possible. Dedicate at least 12 hours of your day to studying, only then can you see your efforts being paid off at the end of the month.

Week 1

  • General Awareness

Prepare History, Polity, Constitution, Sports, Art & Culture, Geography and Economics. You should be abreast of all the latest happenings in the world and the country. Read newspapers, and watch the news.

Week 2

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability
  • Arithmetical & Numerical Ability

Practice is everything when it comes to arithmetic. Go back to your school days and revise the basic concepts. Strengthen your foundation in mathematics, then proceed to much more difficult math problems. Try calculating in your head without using a calculator. This shall improve your numerical skills and mental calculation skills.

When it comes to reasoning, try solving difficult riddles and puzzles. You can download puzzle apps, trivia apps from the App Store and spend a few hours solving them. This section can take up a lot of time if you do not develop the ability to spot patterns. So, make it a habit.

Week 3 

  • Hindi Language & Comprehension
  • English Language & Comprehension

Focus on sentence structure, synonyms, idioms, vocabulary and grammar. The paper will contain questions that will try and assess your language skills hence prepare well.

Get your hands as many grammar books as you can and start practicing. Practice comprehension and your writing skills.

Week 4

  • Post specific subject r elated questions

Dedicate the last week to preparing the section that is related to your subject. Whether you are applying to be an economics or a chemistry teacher this is the section that will determine whether you qualify for the position or not.

It is a 200 marks question paper. The question pattern is mainly MCQs. This makes it essential for you to know the UP TGT syllabus 2021 in-depth.

Also, this is the week when you must revise the entire syllabus. You must study for a minimum of 12 hours.

Please note that UG TGT has negative markings. There is a negative marking of 0.25.

Tips and Tricks for UP TGT 2021

  • Set your priorities right

Now your priority must be cracking the exam and becoming a govt employee. You must focus on building your career, everything else can come later. Set everything aside for one month and study for up to 14 hours a day. Your routine should be eating, sleep, study and repeat. You have to have a routine like this if you want to succeed. Remember lakhs of candidates appear for these exams every year, cracking the exam is not a walk in the park. You need to put in real effort.

  • Previous years question papers

Nothing makes you more familiar with the exam pattern than the question papers themselves. Collect previous years question papers and start timing yourself. See how fast you can solve the questions and how long does it take for you to finish one paper. This will increase your speed and help you to ace the test.

  • Diet

Yes, having a healthy diet is necessary when you are preparing for your exams. Having lots of junk food is not good for your digestive system. Junk food usually causes a lot of indigestion and when you are not feeling well you cannot think clearly and you will not be able to give your best. This will affect your scores. So it’s better to start dieting long before the exam.

Include vitamin supplements in your diet, drinks lots of water and add lots of green leafy vegetables to your food intake.

  • Mock tests

Mock tests are a great way to prepare for the upcoming exams. The question papers give you a feel of what it will be like to sit for the exam. The more familiar you get with the paper, the more confident you will become and this confidence will help you to ace the test.

  • Refer to NCERT books

Some people will tell you to refer to as many books as possible. Do not make that mistake. Referring to multiple books will just increase your confusion. Get the NCERT books either from a bookstore or from an online store and get started. One thing to remember when you are buying the NCERT books is that you must always get the latest edition. The syllabus may change or few things may get added here and there and the latest is usually up to date with all the latest changes.

  • Highlight the points

Highlighting the major points when you are preparing helps you to revise when you are in a hurry or you are making a last-minute revision. You do not have enough time to go over the entire chapter, so you can just scan the main points.

Just because you have finished a section does not mean that you stop revising it. You must continue revising so that you do not forget the answers in the examination hall.

Also, it is very important to catch up on sleep. Take a nap whenever you are taking a break. This gives your brain much-needed rest. The exam preparation time is extremely stressful, so you need to follow a routine that allows you to take short naps in between to recharge yourself.

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