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learn Japanese online: What makes a great online lesson

You can choose from lots of online Japanese schools. They teach in an online classroom with a Japanese teacher and provide a student who does not have time to travel to a local Japanese school or who prefers to learn Japanese online. Both group lessons and individual lessons are offered.

Three factors distinguish online schools

1. Teacher quality: Experience makes a difference

With all online education being a subject teacher quality teacher-free video chat service, it has become easier and simpler to set up a “school” and provide a little less “teacher” than local teachers.

Japanese students know that learning Japanese is more important than chatting. Chat helps you to hear and understand spoken Japanese with ease, but without clear instructions about vocabulary and grammar, chat leads you to Japanese languages that seem like 8 years of age.

When you are choosing a place to learn to speak Japanese, check their teachers carefully. Are teachers qualified or certified? How much is their teaching experience? Have teachers taught Japanese lessons online before?

The Japanese government has a demand certification program to teach Japanese as a foreign language. This national certification is a good start, but more important is the experience of teaching, including the experience of online learning. Some schools are reluctant to disclose details in this case, so ask questions before you enroll for lessons. (Here’s a tip: if the teachers at a school are mostly young faces, you can be sure of the significance of the experience)

Seek reviews from other students as well

Many schools post testimonials to students but a better source is to check blogs and forums for less biased teacher reviews.

Don’t forget the teacher’s salary: The teacher’s salary in the online Japanese school is incredibly low; Sometimes less than half of your tuition goes to your teacher. Consider whether you want half or more of every dollar spent to go to school administration than your teacher.

2. Lesson quality: Learning Japanese is better than chatting

Another big difference between online Japanese schools is the quality of lessons. If a school advertises the simplicity of their Japanese chat lessons, run differently. No language is easy to learn and reducing the experience of “easy chat” is confusing. You can’t master Japanese by chatting alone.

Some schools use a standard curriculum – a “one size fits all” approach that makes life easier for the school but you must make sure the curriculum fits your Japanese level and what you want to learn.

If you take private lessons

The best option is a school that adapts the curriculum and textbooks for you. Ask if you can request special topics in your private lessons and check if there are additional costs for special topics.

3. Classroom Quality: Chat vs. Conference vs. Online Classroom

I insist that learning Japanese online is more than just chatting. This also applies to the classroom. Most online schools use Skype or other free video chat systems. Skype is a great chat tool, but it is not designed for learning and does not create a classroom environment. With free video chat software, you have no tools to guide you in learning Japanese.

Other schools use business conferencing software. You’ve got a presentation field but it doesn’t work well with some Japanese text. To reduce costs, these schools often divide classrooms among teachers who can quickly create online curricula or at least have no post-class questions with your teacher.

Naturally, the best classroom is an online classroom designed for Japanese lessons. Features like a Japanese dictionary for calling teachers and learning tools to enrich Japanese lessons and make your learning faster and more effective.

There you have the elements of a great online Japanese class:

experienced teachers, quality lessons, and a quality online classroom. Before you sign up, consider what the school has to offer in each case and make sure you get the best online Japanese lessons you can afford.
learn Japanese online: What makes a great online lesson

Author Terry Phillips 200 has been involved in online Japanese education since 2006 and currently runs an online Japanese school called Nihongo-Pro. Nihongo-Pro offers fully customized private Japanese lessons from professional teachers in a state-of-the-art online classroom.

Whether you want to learn to speak Japanese or concentrate on writing Japanese, Nihongo-Pro teachers take their commitment to your success seriously. Nihongo-Pro students include all language levels from elementary to advanced, including many students who have taken the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Learning Japanese online – The Right way to learn Japanese

Learning Japanese online today is the most effective way to expand your second language learning. When learning Japanese online, you have a lot of advantages, they are basically doubled. Today with the help of widely equipped language learning software packages you can learn in your own home at ease, at your own pace, at your own time. All the focus is on you, so you get the benefit of private lessons. The conventional way of taking private lessons is expensive – usually around 40-40 per hour! Most language learning software packages currently cost just under 100 – not bad, aren’t they?

But I said the benefits are double … you also have the benefit of experience in the classroom. How is it? With your disposal of online forums, you can chat with Japan online at any time of the day or night, even with thousands of potential study friends online. They will find you at the same learning level with whom you can enjoy Japanese languages, while they are learning Japanese online with you! You will find more skilled, even native speakers, who are interested in guiding you to areas where you may have problems. The support is very plentiful.

Also, with all the multimedia resources available

You will use video and audio to guide your pronunciation and learn Japanese compositions and important cultural points. As well as all the vocabulary and grammar to learn with music and games. It will be an idea to learn it. You have printable items at the click of a mouse, such as writing exercise sheets, conjugation charts, and more. Learning Japanese online is a perfect experience, enriched with all the tools you need to speak Japanese fluently like the natives to enhance your skills.

As anyone can see, there are many reasons to decide to learn Japanese online. It is easy to understand why thousands of people around the world today try to learn Japanese online.

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