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LED Panel Lights: Knowing the Advantages and Benefitting from Them

Many people confuse LED downlights and panel lights. They assume they are the same. However, that’s not true. Panel lights help to decorate and illuminate the interior of your home whereas downlights are merely for illumination and are focused downwards as broad or narrow floodlights.

So, if you are looking to install panel lighting in your home, you first need to understand what this type of lighting is. It will help you make the right choice when you go to your electrical supplies store. Once you do that, taking into consideration the advantages will enable you to make an informed decision.

Understanding Panel Lights

Panel lights can be installed in homes, industrial or commercial spaces. Their slim profile makes them the light solution of choice and these lights are usually used to replace traditional fluorescent ceiling lights that are not energy efficient or long-lasting.

Since these lights are big, they offer better illumination, and as they are LEDs, they are energy-efficient. They are versatile, flexible, and durable. Most LED panels are made from high-quality materials and come in a range of color options, allowing you to use them for different applications and areas.

Advantages of Panel Lights

While you will hear a lot about LED panel lighting fixtures, it is important you also understand how you can benefit from them. That will allow you to see why going in for these lights is not a bad decision at all.

Flexible Lighting Solution: The lights come with an aluminum frame that is lightweight and easy to install. In addition, the lights have a diffuser that spread light over a broad area. The slim profile allows you to fix it to your ceiling grid with ease and pacing out the lights enables you to cover a large area with relative ease. You can customize the lighting to suit your needs and requirements.

Superior Quality Illumination: You do not have to wait for the light to come on. It instantly starts and that too without humming. You can rest assured knowing that lighting will be optimal and uniform. You can even add a dimming option to reduce the brightness to suit your needs. You don’t have to contend with flickering due to fluctuation or RF interference.

Shatter-Resistant: The entire setup is resistant to breakage. So, you never have to worry after installing it. Anyway, LED panels do not generate as much heat as CFLs or fluorescent bulbs, and hence, the diffuser does not get burned or faded. The panel is usually made from hard resin or acrylic and this does away with the risk of shattering and breaking.

Several Color Options: This lighting solution is available in a range of colors. You can easily synchronize the color of your lighting to the décor of the room if you are not keen on white light. Alternatively, you can have some strategically placed lights in different colors if you are looking to create a unique look and feel.

Long-lasting: If you keep the panel light on for 8 hours a day, the light will last you for about 17 years. That is much longer than the life of fluorescent bulbs and CFLs which last a fraction of that if used for the same number of hours.

Is This Lighting Solution Right for You?

If you are looking to save energy costs and enjoy bright illumination throughout the day, this is the perfect light for you. It is the best choice for modular dropped ceilings and the sleek profile enables it to fit into the ceiling without looking out of place.

You will also find that panel lighting is easy to install and after removing your old fixture, it will hardly take an electrician a few minutes to complete the installation. The panels come with an integrated LED driver, and plug and socket connector. Furthermore, the brightness and color temperature are customizable so you can choose what you need.

The Final Words

In case you are refurbishing your home, retail outlet, office, or workplace, you can opt for LED panels. They will optimize your lighting while minimizing the energy costs, saving money in the long run and without compromising the illumination. Make sure you hire a specialist, who knows about installing LED tube light and panel. That will ensure that you switch to the lighting solution with minimal downtime.

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