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Letterhead Design Ideas: Ensure the Branding Speaks for You

Letterhead Design Ideas: Ensure the Branding Speaks for You

An attractive and professional letterhead is super important if you want to make a good first impression and maintain clients. However, many don’t know where to start when it comes to designing letterhead. There are so many letterhead design ideas that it can be a bit overwhelming.

But don’t worry! This guide provides tips for creating a strong and appealing custom letterhead that will support your communication needs. Keep reading to learn more!

Include Essential Information at the Top

It’s obvious that your company or organization’s name and logo should be the main part of your letterhead design. But contact information is also important. The logo, name, and contact details should always go at the top of your letterhead where they will catch the attention of your audience.

These essential pieces are the most important part of your letter design because they quickly tell the reader who the letter is from and brand the information in their brain.

A tip for making the letter look clean and symmetrical is to dedicate the top third of the paper space for the logo and brand name (and brief contact details if fitting). The bottom third will house the signature and additional contact information, while the middle of the paper is for the letter text.

Fit Your Letterhead to Your Brand

Your letterhead should match your pre-set branding. Use the same colors you normally use for your branding including those in your logo and on your webpage. In addition, the same style of fonts should be used meaning the fonts used in your letterhead should match the fonts used in all your marketing materials.

In addition, the style of your letterhead should match your branding and company’s style. For example, is your company’s brand modern? If yes, then your letterhead should also be modern with sharp lines and a minimalist look.

Perhaps you have more of an elegant branding strategy? Then your letterhead should have traditional and classical vibes.

You can find a variety of letterhead design ideas online that are sure to spark motivation and provide ideas of different styles.

Choose the Right Paper

There are different weights, textures, and colors of printing paper for letterheads. The type of paper you choose for your letter plays an important role in the message of your brand.

Generally, the thicker and heavier paper provides a more classy and high-quality product. However, paper with medium stock works just as well for less formal uses.

The texture of the paper can range from silky and glossy to matted or rough. Again, choose a texture that fits your brand.

You can also choose various shades and tones of paper. Off-white gives a classy, elegant look, while pure white is modern. Colored paper is fun and eclectic.

Choose what fits your business or organization best, but remember that the paper color should pair well with your logo and pre-determined branding colors.

Get Printing!

Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to make your letterhead design ideas a reality. We recommend hiring a printing company for your custom letterhead printing to ensure the best quality. F

or example, hippoprint.co.uk provides quality letterhead printing and next-day printing! So, your printed letterhead will be ready as soon as or even before you need it.

For more business tips, be sure to check out all of our business blogs!

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