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Licensed Electrical Inspection Service in Perth and Surrounds

Hiscocks Electrical is an electrical inspection will ensure that the wiring of your home or office and other electrical components be safe Your assets work well and do not pose a danger to yourself or your family.

A thorough electrical inspection may involve the following:

  • Electrical Hazard Identification
  • Permanent Wiring That Is Not Completely Sealed in your house or building.
  • Exposed Wires.
  • Damaged Wires.
  • Safety Switch Test
  • Explore the Light Box
  • Safety Switch Inspection
  • Test the Brightness
  • Electrical Service Level Assessment
  • Assess Whether the House Has Diy Wiring.
  • Observe the Location of the Smoke Detector and Test It.
  • Scanning of Electrical Equipment That Does Not Comply with Current Government Regulations.

Knowing when you need to check your home’s electricity can be difficult. So we’ve compiled a list of opportunities you might need an electrician to look at the electrical system in your home.

Before Deciding to Buy a House

It is important to inspect electrical systems before purchasing a home to identify dangerous electrical conditions that can be very expensive to repair when purchasing a property. Electrical checks can also help you negotiate lower prices. If you find property damage

From time to time, an electrical inspections in Perth, Australia may be included in the overall pre-purchase property inspection reports in it. (or building inspections Perth), which include things like plumbing, heating, Fire-safe kitchen appliances, foundations, etc., but you should check to see if this is the case.

It is very important to understand the plumbing system in the home. Therefore, if the property inspection is not covered You have to hire a plumber to check it out. They can provide a detailed plumbing report and make sure the water system is working properly. Isolated from the electrical system to prevent electric shock, power failure and other costly damage.

The Perth Office’s Fair Trade Building Inspection Guide explains that building inspectors typically don’t inspect wires and smoke detectors. But this is very important and should be checked before you buy a home. If your building inspection does not cover electricity We recommend that you hire an electrician to check the wires, test the sockets, inspect the electrical panel. Look at the smoke alarm. and test ground fault circuit interference no matter what situation you are in It’s important to ensure that your building inspector is licensed by the appropriate government agency, such as the Queensland Construction and Construction Commission. You’ll also want to make sure your building inspection service is professionally insured against claims.

If your house is old or you have problems

If you are experiencing electrical problems, such as frequent power outages or damaged circuit breakers. You should consider an electrical inspection Services. This is because it can identify electrical safety issues or faults. It should indicate whether there are too many electrical circuits or appliances. If there is any damage or problem with the grounding

Other reasons to inspect electrical systems include:

  • House is over 25 years old
  • you have Old wires
  • there is a DIY work (in progress)

After a Big Storm

After a Big Storm

Damage from storms and floods can seriously affect the electricity in your home. Electrical power errors associated with storms can pose a significant risk to your safety and the safety of your family. You must take precautions to keep your home safe before a storm hits. Also, check your electrical system in case your home is affected by a severe storm.

Preparation before the storm

There are a few precautions you can take to make sure your home is ready for a major storm:

  • Remember to install safety switches on all circuits on your switchboard and test them to make sure they work properly.
  • Turn off and unplug all important devices that you don’t want to use.
  • Consider installing surge protectors to reduce damage from normal power surges and surges. This will help protect your device, such as an expensive television. Air conditioner and computer
  • Avoid wires, light bulbs, electrical appliances. mobile phone or any conductive material during a storm.

After the Storm

After a storm, you should take the following actions if your home is affected by storm damage:

  • If your property is inundated by electrical outlets, wires, or other electrical equipment such as switchboards, ask a licensed electrician to inspect the premises as soon as the water recedes. Do not attempt to touch or unplug any device. during this time
  • If the device is exposed to water during a storm, have it checked by a licensed electrician before use.
  • If the power goes out during the flood You must have a test certificate from a licensed electrician. before the distribution agency reconnects the electricity

For more information on what to do in the event of a storm Read this article on electrical safety hazards after a storm or flood.

Period After Buying a House

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Even after being at home for a long time also want to check the electrical system You may not be aware that Australian homeowners are legally responsible for owning a safe home. including safe use of electricity The rules may differ slightly from state to state, but the NSW Fair Trade government has put in place five rules to remind people to comply with their legal safety responsibilities. These include:

Look After

It is important to ensure that all equipment, wiring, grounding, and switchboards are functioning properly. Especially if your property is over 25 years old, contact a licensed electrician to check this site.

Request a certificate of compliance if electricity is used at this property.

If you have electrical work in this area Your electrician should provide A unique numbered “Electrical Compatibility Certificate” as proof that the work has been tested and certified. to ensure compliance which is applicable in all states And it’s important to keep these records for future electrical work.

Consider installing a safety switch.

If you haven’t Get serious about installing a Residual Current Device (RCD). RCD, commonly known as a safety switch. It monitors power and protects you from faulty wiring and appliances. to quickly cut off power in troubled situations As electrical hazards are often difficult to identify, RCDs are essential tools that can protect you and your family from hidden dangers. Serious injury or death

Contact the homeowner immediately if there is an electrical inspection problem.

If you are renting the property Report any electrical problems immediately to the real estate agent or homeowner. Hiscocks Electrical is a repair company should be considered. This is because homeowners are legally obliged to ensure that all appliances & installation services are properly maintained and functioning safely work.

Notify your electricity supplier in the event of an electrical accident and require medical attention.

Any electrical accident law requires a medical report to your power supplier. Work related electrical team accidents should be reported to the relevant safety management Company in your state.

Always use a licensed electrician.

Always follow these steps and be careful with electricity. This is because delayed verification can lead to dangerous results. Please note that electrical inspections services should always be performed by a qualified & experienced electrician in Perth, Australia. If you have any questions About when you should do an electrical inspection Perth. Feel free to contact us on 0411 575 866 and speak to a licensed electrician for advice.

Hiscocks Electrical provides emergency electrical inspection services, including security alarms, smoke detectors, power points and LED lighting in Perth. Visit Our Website!

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