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List Of Ideas To Utilize Pot Holders In Different Rooms

The world’s rising population forces humans to stay in small apartments where they devise ideas to keep their essential articles. A macrame plant holder gives vertical space as a storage space with significantly less floor area. Not only this, but even for bigger apartments, the vertical space provided by macrame plant holders helps clean up the furniture counters. 

Well, here is a list of ideas to make your macrame pot holder useful in several ways: 

As An Alternative To Bedside Table In Bedroom

In the bedroom, a bedside table is usually used to keep your watch, phone, and wallet after coming home from a tiring day of work. You can scrape the use of a bedside table altogether by hanging a pot holder near your bed where you can keep these necessary items. You might have inadvertently experienced getting hurt from the bedside table’s sharp edges of the bedside table inadvertently. No more; it can be said! These potholders can be hung at your eye level to ensure no sharp edges hurt you while you are engrossed in work-related thoughts.

To Keep Your Condiments In Kitchen

The useful and frequently used condiments for your food can be stored in jars placed in pots of the macrame potholders. All the necessary sauces will be present before your eyes, reducing your effort to take them in and out of cabinets. It is also a unique way to store all your essential condiments, thus giving you space to store seldom-used crockery in the kitchen cabinets.

To Keep Your Essentials In the Bathroom

You can remove the toothpaste and toothbrushes placed on the sink and instead place them in a macrame pot holder. When the toothbrush is placed close to the sink, germs make their way from the sink onto the toothbrushes. For hygiene purposes, you can place your essentials in a pot hanger for hygiene purposes, located a little far from the sink. Installing a shelf just to keep a handful of your necessities makes the whole bathroom look disorganized. You now have a well-knit designated place for your shower essentials, including your shampoo and soap.

Keys, Medicines, And Letters Can Be Kept In Living Room

The plant holders can be used to keep your car and home keys. Bills and important letters can be kept near your vision to remind you about paying your bill and replying to urgent letters. Cabinets will not be crowded with documents. You can keep your medicines in pot holders to see the medicines container. This will reduce your tendency to forget to take your medicines since they are now visible in front of you.

Stay ahead of the rest by using the macrame plant holder in various creative ways. For example, the Macrame Man should be contacted to buy stunning designs of plant hangers. These can then be used to store your important items thus giving a dedicated place for them to avoid getting lost in cabinets or scattered on shelves.

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