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List of top 20 accounting software in India

In this article, we are going to discuss the list of top 20 accounting software India that help businesses of different types and sizes to become accurate, automated as well as efficient in their activities. Accounting software is a tool that helps businesses to carry out their financial and accounting activities in an efficient manner. The software not only helps in financial aspects but also helps to make other major decisions of the business unit.

Without waiting much, let us move ahead to the list of top accounting software for your business.

Horizon software
  • This accounting software comes with inventory support as well as managing GST accounts. It is a simple software with accounting and inventory modules. The use of horizon software is suggested for big. Businesses having a large number of invoices as it is fast, reliable, and simple to use.
  • Retailers, small businesses, as well as distributors, also use this software. The software saves a lot of time by generating quick reports and increased productivity.
Saniiro accounting software
  • This top accounting software is used to carry out business activities hassle-free. It removes the manual work by bringing in the automation as well as simplifies activities by supporting.
  • The inventory management, GST calculation, GST reports, and financial statements, and much more without any manual inclusions. 
HDPOS accounting software
  • HDPOS is one of the best accounting software specially designed for small businesses. The easy-to-use interface and quick-to-generate dashboard are two pluses. This software is based on windows, manages inventory and accounting as well as is easy to get installed on multiple computers as well as work well on a single computer. 
Saral accounting software
  • It works as a perfect solution for more than 14 companies.
  • It is one of the best accounting software in India that is highly efficient to be trusted for business activities.
  • easy to download as well as use this software.
Giddh software
  • Giddh is one of the advanced and modern accounting, invoicing, and billing software in India. The design of this tool is innovative and attractive to the users. It helps to carry out the accounting and invoicing activities. The accounts can be added, managed as well as deleted as per requirements with the real-time status through email or live link for 24 hours. 
Bookkeeper software
  • It is a simple software designed to work well on iOS, apple as well as windows. It is one of the most simplified accounting software that helps to generate GST invoices as well as GSTR reports for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Also, the data stored in the software can be accessed from any place by syncing feature. This accounting software India can work as an online tool as well as the offline tool.
Integrate trade plus accounting software
  • This is a billing solution, especially for the traders. Trade plus is the quality proven software for the management of inventory and accounting activities used by numerous businesses. It is a single-user package with the features such as VAT calculation, financial years’ history, price rates, and much more. 
Reach accounting software
  • Reach software is designed for small and medium-sized business units. It is an online accounting tool offering different modules for accounting, CRM, and POS activities. The best part of using reach software is the collection of business activities which makes it easy to track every part of the business.
ANV retail software
  • This accounting software is helpful in barcoding, billing, inventory, reports, and other activities of the business. It is considered an ideal choice for sales, accounting, inventory, analytic, and reporting management as well as becomes handy in sharing the generated reports through mail or SMS.
  • Digikhata is a user-friendly accounting software in India. It provides features and tools to calculate and imply GST filling, GST invoice, as well as make the accounting tasks easy to manage. Its easy and interactive interface gives the best experience of GST software. The company also provides free demo before purchasing the product for your business.
  • This accounting software is a complete package for small businesses. This software is designed keeping in mind the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. It includes all the necessary tools and features for managing invoicing, inventory, as well as accounting.
AccountingGuru software
  • This top accounting software is designed by Veersoft solutions. It is an online tool specially designed for small businesses having inventory and billing. It also includes branch accounting as well as inter-branch transactions.
Fraxinus Books accounting software
  • It is one more GST-ready software having integrated advanced GST calculation tools and features. It is suitable for small to large businesses for billing, inventory management, and accounting activities. This software can be accessed online as well as offline on desktop computers or mobile applications.
MProfit accounting software
  • This single tool manages the portfolio as well as accounting in a single place. It is one of the top accounting software for users, investors, traders, family offices, and others to manage the stocks, MFs as well as other assets.
  • ProfitBooks is one more accounting software in India that is cloud-based and designed for small businesses. It is easy to use and at the same time fastest among all the software available online and offline. 
Busy Accounting software
  • It is a system designed to manage retail, FMCG, and trade. This accounting software India empowers SMEs. Industry verticals as well as the other segments such as service, trading, FMCG, and others. The software helps to manage every business activity efficiently. It has been used by more than 6,00,000 businesses in 20 different countries. 
MARG ERP 9+ accounting software
  • One more free software providing GST billing, filing as well as invoicing features. It is the most suitable software for small businesses. Multiple customers can be handled at the same time by the software. It is an economical option to select to carry out the business activities from purchase planning to balance sheet.  
Zoho Books 
  • One more easy-to-use accounting software that manages the finances of small businesses. It is simple and easy to use and one of the best ways to manage accounts online. Zoho allows having a free trial of 14 days to help the businesses stay on top of the cash flow.
Vyapar accounting software
  • Vyapar is one more GST-ready software that is simple and easy to use. It allows management of the inventory and invoicing.
  • There is no requirement for learning or special sessions as it is designed user-friendly.
  • Anyone can access the software without knowing the account.
  • Activities such as cheques, cash in, cash out, total stock value, receivables, payables, payment reminders.
Oracle NetSuite accounting software
  • Last but not the least, the oracle accounting software allows us to handle activities with ease. It is a system having financing, revenue tracking, billing, accounting, planning as well as reporting modules. It is capable of storing the data on the cloud and retrieving it at any time from any place.
  • No difficulty Tally is the most popular and internationally known accounting software in India for over two decades. Beginning with the MS-DOS-based version tally has seen many variations and is now a complete ERP package in itself. Bundled among the VAT records from all the states of India, the most advanced version is Tally ERP 9.

This software not only brings efficiency and accuracy to your business but also makes the accounting tasks easier than before.


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