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Looking Forward: What You Need to Maintain a Comfortable Retirement

Looking Forward: What You Need to Maintain a Comfortable Retirement

More than 75 percent of people in the US will be economically ready for retirement, but there are some gaps in the population. Money isn’t the only factor to consider when considering how to retire comfortably.

What do you think about your retirement plan? Are you prepared for such a huge change in your life? Here’s a guide to help you plan for a comfortable retirement.

Maximize Your Retirement Savings

Contribute the maximum amount to your 401k plan if you have one at your work. Often your employer will match your contribution, which adds to your retirement savings. If you have a Roth IRA and you qualify to contribute, add to that savings as well.

You can use some great tax strategies between the two accounts when you retire.  Pay down your debt, focusing on the highest interest debt first. As you near retirement, don’t add to your debt unless it is unavoidable.

Participate in Fun Activities

It’s great to know that you have enough to retire comfortably, but enjoying your retirement is essential. You want to participate in fun activities that suit your interests and abilities.

Whether it’s gardening, a card game with friends, or daily outings to museums or shopping malls, remaining active is one of the keys to a happy retirement.

Protect Your Health

One of the best retirement tips is to take care of your health. Eat a healthy diet of whole grains and lots of vegetables. Participate in a regular fitness program or go to the gym consistently.

As you age, find new wellness activities that you can continue to do. Swimming is a great way to stay fit, and it’s easier on your joints than running. Yoga is a great stretching routine, and it’s relaxing as well.

Walking is one of the best exercises, and you can do it at your own pace. It’s free, and a daily walk has the added benefit of getting you outside in the fresh air.

Live a Carefree Live

Most of us want to live in our homes, surrounded by our cherished belongings. Independent living is an excellent choice if you prefer living in surroundings that include meals, but you have your own residence. While you are living on your own, make the changes you might require to allow you to stay there as long as you can.

When you reach the moment that you need a bit more assistance, it’s a good tip for retiring to have a plan for assisted living. Your needs will change over time, and you want to find a place that offers a flexible support plan. There are many assisted living plus options available for you to consider.

Plan a Comfortable Retirement

You can do many things to make your senior years an enjoyable time. Now that you know what you might need for a comfortable retirement, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps in your retirement plan. When you put in the work, your plan will be complete.

Did you find this article helpful?  If so, use the simple search feature for more great information to make your retirement successful.

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