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Made in China 2025 brings opportunities to the petrochemical and chemical industries in four aspects

The survival pressure of uncompetitive enterprises is increasing, and they may face a new round of reshuffle

The survival pressure of uncompetitive enterprises is increasing, and they may face a new round of reshuffle. The implementation of “made in China 2025” will bring new opportunities for the development of petrochemical industry. Mainly in the following aspects:

While intelligent manufacturing helps chemical transformation and upgrading, “made in China 2025” proposes to promote intelligent manufacturing process. In the key areas of intelligent plant / digital plant construction experiment; accelerate the application of human-computer intelligent interaction, industrial automation, intelligent logistics management technology and equipment in the production process. Chemical industry is a technology intensive industry and a typical process industry, with long industrial chain, many control points and complex process flow. It is highly dependent on equipment and instruments. Whether the equipment is excellent or not represents the advanced level of the industry. Made in China 2025 focuses on promoting intelligent manufacturing; once the chemical equipment has achieved a qualitative intelligent leap, it will lay an important material foundation for transformation and development. The pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing was carried out in key industries. Through the construction of intelligent chemical plants, the production and operation efficiency was comprehensively improved, and the intrinsic safety level of chemical production was greatly improved.

It brings new opportunities for the petrochemical industry to comprehensively promote green development. “Made in China 2025” puts forward the full implementation of green manufacturing, promotes the green transformation of petrochemical, chemical and other traditional manufacturing industries, and puts forward clear goals and requirements for petrochemical and chemical industries. Chemical products are closely related to people’s life, green manufacturing is particularly important. Vigorously promote the development of biological industry, control and reduce fossil energy consumption. We will fully implement the circular production mode and accelerate the linkage and symbiosis among enterprises, factories and industries, as well as the supply of raw materials and resource sharing. Through the development of green plants, promote the industrial coupling of Industrial Park, achieve near zero emissions. The chemical industry is characterized by fossil raw materials, enlarged resource consumption and pollutant emission, long chemical industry chain, and liquid and gaseous products. These characteristics make the chemical industry become a circular economy.

Internet plus agricultural products Internet is expected to develop rapidly. Internet plus agricultural products will become a hot spot of Internet plus, which will be reflected in the chemical industry. At present, the enthusiasm of many fertilizer enterprises is very high. “Made in China 2025” will vigorously promote the development of e-commerce of agricultural means. Chemical industry, especially chemical fertilizer and pesticide industry, is an important support to promote agricultural modernization. With the development of Internet technology and the improvement of rural information facilities, the promotion of agricultural means is bound to be displayed on the e-commerce platform. The consumption of agricultural means is a very important part of the total rural consumption. If we combine the e-commerce platform with agricultural means, what will happen? Farmers will get a new consumption and service experience. The rapid land transfer and entity business model (cooperatives and planting bases gradually replace scattered farmers) provide favorable conditions for agricultural e-commerce. E-commerce promotes the formation of a new type of agricultural materials service ecosystem. As the main service body, agricultural materials dealers have advantages in soil detection, fertilizer recommendation, fertilizer service and field management.

New chemical materials are an important part of the new material industry, which brings huge development space to the new chemical material industry. This is not only an important basis for the development of emerging industries, but also an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional petrochemical and chemical industry. Since the new century, with the sustained and rapid growth of China’s national economy and the vigorous development of high and new technology, it has opened up an unprecedented broad market for the development of new chemical materials industry. In 2010, the output value of new chemical materials in China was about 170 billion yuan; in 2015, it was more than 300 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 15%, about twice the GDP growth rate of the same period.

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