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Make the Most Use of UK Governess Agency and Become a Live-In Nanny

Finding a job as a live-in nanny it’s a great opportunity to work closely with a family, gain nice experience, and improve your services as a London governess. There are a lot of benefits. If you are with a VIP client, you could even get something extravagant like weekly massages. However, even grocery store gift cards can be really cool.

One of the best benefits is of course seeing your young clients growing into young adults. Whether your experience is long-term or short-term, it will definitely be enriching. You will get closer with the family and the children will be able to work on their social skills from a young age. Everybody wins!

London Governess Agency Can Help You In Becoming A Live-In Nanny

The aim of any agency and especially the London Governess Agency is to ensure that every childcare candidate is properly vetted to the highest possible standards. Any respectful childcare agency guarantees that each candidate will have undergone a very detailed interview during the recruitment process.

When you choose a proper agency, they will make sure to emphasize your skills and to improve what needs to be improved. You need to be checked in legal terms particularly since of course every parent is worried for their child. However, if you are properly qualified for being a governess, any UK governess agency will gladly help you in becoming a live-in nanny.

Most of the clients are high-profile and VIP families, both in London and overseas. However, even when your clients are more regular, security and privacy are crucial in hiring a living-in nanny. That is why you need to appear completely reliable and the nice qualified British governess agency can help you with that.

Perks Of Becoming a Live-In Nanny

Live-in nannies can reduce a lot of pressure in extremely busy households. Especially families where both parents are working all the items, nannies are providing families with an essential much-needed extra pair of hands. Any help is always welcome and especially when the children are of mixed ages.

As a  live-in nanny, your job is also to ensure flexibility when it comes to organizing care for the children. You need to be very precise also since you will make arrangements with the family. The bonus is to fit in with your family schedule, and are often able to take on.

Here are some essential perks:

  • Save money/no commute
  • Creating closer attachments with family members
  • You can travel
  • Extra perks- using a cell phone, a family car

So if you are one of the parents whose jobs demand irregular work hours and frequent night shifts, a live-in nanny is actually a genuine lifesaver.

Save Money/No Commute

We all know that it is a huge plus when you don’t have to commute to and from work. Instead of spending all that time on the road, you will have more time. In addition, you will spend less money on gas or bus fares. Transportation can be very expensive sometimes and that is why the live-in option is so much better for you.

Besides helping you with money, it takes away an enormous amount of stress. Commute can really be stressful even if you have your own car. Just imagine no more being stuck in traffic on your way to work. It will also help you for the standard situation that happened to you often probably when your employers come home late and you need to get home

Although it is correct that generally speaking, live-in nannies are paid less. However, when you think about it, you have no rent or utilities to worry about and usually, your grocery bill is very short and reasonable. The extra money you end up with, feel free to use it like a pro.

Creating Closer Attachments With Family Members

Of course, that business comes first and this is a  business relationship indeed. However, if your live-in arrangement is with a family who cares for you and needs you, in time it will not be about a business only.

When a family respects your work, you are bound to develop a mutually caring relationship. After all, they trust you with their children and that is the most important bond that someone can have.

A live-in nanny resides in the employer’s home. It is just natural that a nanny quickly becomes a valuable extension of the family. They are always at the family’s disposal. Meaning that they will provide childcare without the burden and time wasted on commuting back and forth to the home. If you work irregular hours, this is particularly suitable for you.

The main reason why they form lasting bonds with the children they care for is actually pure logic. It is about a physical lack of distance. They are always around and always available. and able to spend more time with the children. In addition, you can coordinate schedules and the overall life pace will go smoother.

You Can Travel

The job is very attractive due to the fact that there are busy families everywhere. You will just need to open the browser and almost choose a country and type live-in nannies wanted. Besides money, you will never forget this unique experience. You can even choose your favorite country and just make sure all goes by the book. If you choose one of the British Governess agencies and you have always wanted to spend some time in the UK, you will not regret it.

Basically, it offers you international possibilities, but it is still a perfect business opportunity. Maybe it is not so glamorous, but it will definitely enrich your life. Do not neglect even family vacation ads since more often than not they can belong holidays in some beautiful regions all around the world such as Toscana in Italy, or exotic Thailand, etc.

Extra Perks – Using A Phone, Family Car

You must use your cell phone all the time while you are at work. The main reason is that something can happen to a child and you will need to inform the parents. Therefore, your employer will likely pick up part of the tab, or give you a set amount each month toward your cell phone bill.

You will have your own room so that you don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, or food costs. In addition, you can have gym memberships or grocery store gift cards, or even a family car or gas reimbursement for your own.

All in all, being a live-in nanny can be a great experience for you. Maybe it will be weird in a beginning, but eventually, you will create one long-term friendship. Also, you will feel useful and you will be paid for that.

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