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Make your identity with a golden number

Make your identity with a golden number

How we define our self; becomes our identity. Anything associated with your identity makes you memorable. Your family and friends associate you with that quality. Not only your own relatives but also other people who came across you, remembers you with some special thing. People adopt many ways to become famous and rememberable in front of others.

Recent time is being known as the digital time and mobile is the basic way to get in touch with each other. Acquiring the phone number that is easy to memorize and unique from others; is the dream of almost every youngster. They spend money to get the desired special numbers.

What is a golden number??

What actually the golden number is? What is its importance? All these questions may arise in your mind after listening about a “golden number”.  So here is the answer to your curiosity. Golden number is a unique mobile phone number that may consist of two same digits repeating constantly, or tetra numbers, 786 numbers, and many more. The importance of the golden number is that it is easy to memorize and unique in sequence with the respective codes of mobile network companies.

They are not only purchased by youngsters due to their interest but also by the business organizations. They prefer mobile numbers that are easy to remember for their marketing. You may have noticed that high profile companies always use UAN or golden numbers in their advertisements. It becomes easy for the audience to remember.

Types/categories of golden numbers

Mobile network companies launch specialized phone numbers that go hand in hand. Every mobile network in Pakistan introduces golden numbers to fulfill the demands of customers. There are many categories in golden numbers that carry in digit sequence and price. Customers purchase them as per desire and budget.

Following are given some categories of golden numbers:

786 numbers

These are the mobile numbers that contains 786 in them. These numbers are the priority of many Islamic persons. An example of the number is 034×7878678.

Pair numbers

These are the numbers that have two digits repeating in them. example of the pair number is 030×5588660.

Sequence numbers

Sequence numbers are the mobile numbers that have digits repeating in the sequence. An example of the sequence number is 032×1234567.

Triple numbers

These are the mobile numbers that have three consecutive same digits in them. Many people are keen to buy triple numbers. An example of the triple number is 03×14442525.

Two-digit numbers

Two-digit numbers are the numbers that have only two digits in the whole seven-digit mobile number. An example of the two-digit number is 032×6688996.

Tetra numbers

Tetra numbers as its name indicates possess four consecutive numbers. An example of the tetra number is 03×14444359.

Penta numbers

These have five same digits occurring consecutively in the number. Penta number is like 03×11111155.

Hexa numbers

Hexa numbers have six consecutive digits in a mobile number. Example of hexa number is 03×14444449.

Hepta numbers

These are the mobile numbers that have seven same digits and in consecutive order. Example of hepta number is 033×9999999.

Octa numbers

The numbers that have eight consecutive digits are called octal numbers. They are one of the most demanding golden numbers by the clients. For example 03×99999999.

Enna numbers

These are the numbers that have nine same consecutive digits.  Their cost is also remarkably high as their demand. Example of enna number is 0x111111111.

Triple triple numbers

These mobile phone numbers posses triple same digit two times. For example below number have digit 9 and 0 repeating consecutively 03×09990001.

Cost and use of golden numbers

When we come to the cost of golden numbers, it is remarkably high from other numbers. They are expensive because of their digit sequence attraction as compared to formal numbers. Their demand is also high, people grab them quickly when see the availability of the desired number. Every mobile network launches its golden, platinum, and silver numbers to attract the customers. Larger organizations prefer to purchase the golden numbers as soon as possible ignoring their cost because it gives a remarkable marketing advantage to them. The usage of the mobile number is the same as other formal numbers but they look attractive.

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