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Making the Future Brighter 11 Solar Energy Facts for Kids

Americans are going green, and solar energy statistics prove continued growth. Did you know that there’s been a 167% increase in solar jobs over the last decade?

With all this interest, your children might be asking what is solar energy and how does solar energy work? So, this might be an excellent time to learn some solar energy facts for kids.

Keep reading for eleven fun facts about solar to get the whole family excited. You might find out some facts about solar energy you never knew before.

Kids Ask What Is Solar Energy?

You will want to explain where solar energy comes from and why it’s essential. So here are a few simple facts about solar energy.

  1. The heat and light from the sun provide energy.
  2. The sun’s energy is the largest source in the world.
  3. Energy from sunlight can heat buildings and water. Or solar energy can get transformed into electricity.

Now, you might understand that electricity comes from sunlight that reaches the Earth. But most kids want to know what makes solar energy happen.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

You don’t need to get bogged down in solar energy statistics to describe the method. A few simple principles tell kids of all ages how to get solar energy.

  1. The planet only needs 0.02% of the sun’s energy to meet our current demands for beginners.
  2. Panels with photovoltaic cells collect the energy from sunlight that hits them.
  3. UV rays from sunlight convert to different types of energy with collection devices. A thermal collector will create heat. And a solar cooker can generate temperatures from 194 to 302 F for cooking food.

Facts About Solar Energy

The most exciting part about using solar energy is its effects on our lives on Earth. Explaining solar benefits will encourage more studies on solar energy. The best solar energy facts for kids involve what this resource can achieve.

  1. There is no cleaner, safer, or economical energy source than sunlight.
  2. Only one hour of sunlight would have provided the world’s energy needs in 2002.
  3. If you covered only 4% of the planet’s deserts in solar panels, it would be enough to power the world’s electricity.

Fun Facts About Solar

Many people don’t know that solar energy is associated with some famous names. Yet, solar energy has also seen use in world-renowned projects.

  1. In 1921, Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for research involving photovoltaic power.
  2. In 1990, an airplane crossed the United States using only solar power. Since then, there have been several new designs tested for solar airplanes.

Bonus Solar Energy Facts For Kids

We promised eleven facts about solar energy, but there are so many more to share. Children will want to know scientists are producing solar panels for more surfaces. Before long, solar panels could become regular fixtures on building materials.

California has the largest solar panel plant in the world. But more of these plants are getting built around the country, in Canada and China.

And as sources increase, there will be more solar energy facts for kids to enjoy in the future. So stay enlightened and come back here for more news and insights.

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