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Mastopexy of the Sagging Breast

Keep this fact in your mind that the breast augmentation procedure helps you to enhance your appearance. On the contrary, the procedure of breast lift refers to the firmness of your breast. The sagginess of your skin is removed through this process. However, both procedures provide you with a younger and confident appearance.

Mastopexy which is also known as breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that is used to change the shape of a woman’s breast. Many clinics provide the procedure of Breast lift in Dubai with highly skilled surgeons

Mastopexy or Breast Lift

In this procedure, the shape of breast tissue is changed and extra skin is removed from it. The breast lift changes the shape of sagging breasts by making them more firm and balanced. This is done by removing extra skin that has been stretched out skin and by reshaping the nipple, changing the shape of breast tissue and moving the areola into a forward position.

This procedure increases the self-confidence of a person by restoring the breasts youthful structure. It not only improves the breast appearance but also helps them fit in different types of bras and swimsuits.

Reason for having breast lift surgery

  1. Losing weight decreases the amount of fat tissues in breasts due to the absence of fat tissue the skin becomes floppy which leads to sagged breasts in order to restore their couture, shape and remove the extra skin mastopexy is needed.
  2. After the Pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts become more sagged and women usually lift the breasts to a better position sometimes with implants and sometimes without either way it shows good results.
  3. A large amount of women has sagged breasts since their teenage. To make the breasts more beautiful and perky breast lift surgery is needed which can give them their desired shape.

Who is the Candidate?

The ideal candidate must have good health in general, must maintain a stable weight, have sagging breasts or Unbalanced breasts (One breast lower than the other) or flat breasts or lost breast volume or nipples pointing downwards.

Women who are planning on pregnancy should avoid this because nursing can contradict its benefit.

Types of Breast Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

There are varieties of incision techniques used for a breast lift. However, the technique used depend upon the amount of skin that needs to be removed, the amount of existing breast tissue and the personal goal of the patient. The cosmetic surgeon will recommend you the type of surgery you will be needing in order to prevent scars.

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift

If the patients have a large amount of sagging in breasts and have hanging breasts then the anchor lift might be the perfect choice as it removes a large amount of excess skin and sagging tissues from breasts. This technique might also be used if the patient wants to have breast reduction along with lifting. This technique leaves visible scars which can fade away with proper care.

Crescent Lift

This type of lifting is used for the woman who only needs a small amount of sagging corrected and gives the least scaring among all the techniques. Crescent is usually performed on the patients who also want to have breast augmentation Dubai even in that case it is used on a small number of patients.

Lollipop or vertical lift

This is the most commonly used technique for breast lifting. This technique allows the surgeon to remove the excess tissue and reshape the entire breast. The scars of this technique are hidden.

Peri-Areolar or “Donut” Lift

This technique is best suited for women with mild sagging but they would still greatly benefit from this technique. This technique helps a lot in the reduction of areola size. The scars of this technique are located on the edges of the areola.

Is it worth it?

The answer is YES! Mastopexy definitely is worth it and would greatly improve your self-esteem.

DIEP Flap with Breast Reconstruction

Battling breast cancer is a traumatic event and so as to undergo a mastectomy. These traumatic events can affect an individual’s life badly and reduce her self-esteem and strength. It is necessary for the victim to feel comfortable with the results. If you need to go through DIEP Flap with breast reduction, the natural appearance of your breast may assist you in the recovery procedure.

DIEP Flap is the procedure of breast reconstruction in which the blood vessels from the lower abdomen and the fats and skin attached to them are relocated to the chest. Normally, women select this procedure after having a mastectomy surgery.

However, most of our patients want to know the advantages of this procedure. So, this piece of writing will assist you to know the benefits. Also, you can contact us anytime to ask anything related to the procedure.

Advantages of DIEP Flap Procedure

End your worries and get a consultation as your surgeon will assist you in making a better decision. Let’s learn more in this regard to make your decision easy for you! Here are some  benefits of DIEP FLAP procedures:

  • No Muscle Removal

You don’t need to get remove any muscle from your abdomen. So, the risk of getting a hernia becomes lower in this process. However, some interferences may occur to the muscles, so you may feel weak in the starting of this procedure, afterward, you will feel energetic just within a week or so.

  • No Implants

Another advantage that is really appreciated is that you don’t need to get any implants to enhance your appearance just like other surgical methods. After the reconstruction procedure, your breast will appear and feel natural. Why? Because natural body fat is used to perform the procedure.

  • Dual Benefits

The procedure provides dual benefits. Yes, you will get your desired and reconstructed breast along with a flat tummy. This makes women happier.

Number Of Operations & Timing

Another important factor that makes the procedure more appraising among victims is the timing. You can get this procedure even during mastectomy or after its completion. The number of operations, as well as the amount of time, might be reduced than other related procedures. However, the decision depends on you. Even if you want to get delayed or immediate breast reconstruction, DIEP Flap is recommended in both situations.

Keep this fact in your mind that the breast augmentation procedure helps you to enhance your appearance. On the contrary, the procedure of breast lift refers to the firmness of your breast. The sagginess of your skin is removed through this process. However, both procedures provide you with a younger and confident appearance.


Before getting the assistance of your surgeon in this regard, you need to be aware of what you actually want. You need to assess your actual condition and know your goals. It will make the process of decision easy for you. For example, if you just need to increase the size then breast augmentation is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you need to get rid of the sagginess of your breasts and look younger, then a breast lift will be the right choice for you.

  • It assists to reverse ageing signs. Also, reduces the signs of motherhood and instant weight loss.
  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence. You feel good about your personality.
  • Provides a push-up appearance.
  • it also provides a youthful appearance and you look more attractive.
  • Provides you upper pole fullness.

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