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Maternity Must-Haves: 4 Clothes To Buy Today

On sharing your life’s most awaited news of becoming a mother, comes other responsibilities and duties. The very first thing you will enclose your eye on as soon as you enter your maternity phase is shopping! Luckily, shopping for maternity clothing online has become more straightforward than finding an exclusive maternity store in your locality! While many women blindly size up with their standard set of clothes, maternity shopping is a different flex and, you must try it! You might need a whole range of new maternity clothes, from some maternity bras to trousers around the second trimester.

Understanding the Essentials

A survey from 2013 reported that the average annual amount spent on clothing by Australian women(aged above 14) is around $834. Today, Aussie women are spending about $10,000 on clothing every year. Though pregnancy can be an impeccable excuse to upgrade your wardrobe, you need to be mindful while doing the shopping. It’s because you might not use your maternity clothes a few months after pregnancy and, they’d turn into an insensible investment until next time! So, here is a list of exclusive must-haves and a few pro tips that can come a significant way:

  1. Some tanks and tunics

Undeniably, a tunic is what you would feel the best in on a fussy morning. Silky tunics and cotton tanks are the best to wear on top during pregnancy. But always remember to pick from the maternity section. The reason? Going up in size with tunics and tops will only cover your baby bump and not flaunt it. So, when it comes to clicking casual pictures with your partner or doing the dishes, a maternity tunic can accentuate your bump yet make you feel the most comfortable.

Another added benefit of picking a tunic is that they can go along with a pair of jeans, trousers or maternity leggings, keeping you in style. One pro tip is to pick solid coloured tunics to work with typical denim and trousers.

  1. A dressy dress

Not all days are the same! You might want a maternity photoshoot or attend a friend’s engagement anytime soon. Imagine only finding loose-fitting clothes and tanks in your wardrobe. On that note, it is necessary to shop for some girly, dressy maternity maxis or midis. With maternity dresses, you have two choices. The first one is loose and flowy dresses which often leave a richer look and do not jeopardise highlighting your baby bump. On the flip side, you can also pick maternity LBD or figure-fitting dresses.

A quick tip: Consider buying a few jersey maternity dresses, as they run softly across your skin and can keep you refreshed all day. Add a few accessories, a pair of wedges/sneakers and, you are there!

  1. Maternity jeans

When you shop for maternity clothing online, you will come across a range of jeans, from pre to late-pregnancy denim. If you would love to flaunt your baby bump with a crop tee and a pair of jeans, over the bump jeans are for you! There is no way that they squeeze your belly or cause any discomfort. In fact, over the bump jeans offer better and sturdy support and go well with figure-fitting tees. Alternatively, you can also pick a pair of under the bump jeans if you fancy being low-key. Having a mix of both types is another brilliant idea.

  1. A cardigan

A cardigan is the one accessory that pregnant moms out there would love! While blazers and other jackets can seem going overboard or compromise on comfort, an edge to edge cardigan comes to the rescue. When you are wearing sized up tees and would like to flaunt your bump at the go, merely add a cardigan, match it with a belt and you are done.

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